July 2013 Newsletter

Carlyn Lindsay was our demonstrator for June and one marked difference from her last visit to us. No floods of PVA glue!!. All her blocks were prepared before she left home and she doesn't use PVA any more anyway. I forget what she said she does use, maybe someone paying more attention would remember. Not to worry.

Her first project today was to make a cork screw handle.
She passed round one that she had made earlier that was red veneers in sycamore.
Todayís model was to be blue.
A lot of attention was given to setting the block up in the lathe. It has to run dead true or the points where the veneer shows would be uneven, ie in the troughs in particular. Once Carlyn was satisfied she first turned it to the round and then marked out where the coves would be and the widths of them.
Then carried on turning the coves to the required depth and then widening them out to reach her marks.
The ends were shaped as far as possible before parting off and finished on a sanding disc mounted on the lathe.
She had taken the piece off the lathe to drill the hole for the cork screw and then returned it to finish off.
The finish on the cork screw handle was Rustins two part plastic coating mixed one part hardener to four parts resin. Good for all products that are handled a lot. (No not fings wiv lots of Ďandles silly).

The second piece of the day was to make a pot with a very small base and a laminated lid and finial.
The lid was turned first with as much care taken setting the block up in the lathe to be sure all facets were matching as on the first project. The piece was turned leaving a fairly large piece in the chuck. This would become another top for a pot as you will see in the photos.

Just a couple of photos from Poulton Wood. In the gallery. Paul making things with Bert hoping he can sell them!!
He did sell a few items and raised about £100 for the Canterbury Oast Trust.
This is the charity that Poulton Wood Nature Reserve were sponsoring.

We are off to Woodchurch at the end of the month to see if we can sell more goodies. The dates are the 29th and 30th of June so if I get this to you before then it will remind you to come along and fly the flag for Orchard Woodturners. Good idea?


Notice board

We still need someone to step up to the front line and volunteer to fill the gap. If you know you could do this job standing on your head please come forward. Itís not a requisite that you remain upside down if you are more comfortable the other way up!! Just come along and take charge of the pennies please.