May 2013 Newsletter

The April meeting was a club day due to Yandles being a week early this year and we had insufficient time to book a demonstrator. I don't think this was a problem as there was plenty going on to interest us.

Paul was playing with Jo Sonja paints using a method demonstrated at the S E Woodworking and power tool show Detling. Spray shaving foam into a container similar to a roasting tin. Flatten the surface. Drop some blobs of the paints into the foam and create streaks with a tooth pick or similar. Press the turned item into the resulting mess withdraw it and leave it to dry. When dry remove the foam and you should be left with something like the one Paul did in the April gallery. Looks like fun. He also turned some boxes from African Blackwood to demonstrate some of Simon Hope tools that he has purchased.

Dawn was doing some interesting things with hot irons and pieces of wood. Pyrography. She had various irons, branding type irons and hot wire etc. Dawn also had some rubber stamp designs to assist the beginners. Patricia show off her design capabilities freehand. Beautiful.

Keith was turning thimble holders (egg cup shape) in various types of wood. He also turned Darning needle holders. In the afternoon Alan Smith took over Keith's lathe and With Dawn's help was turning some items that I did not see the finish of.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 11th May. We will have Richard Findlay with us for the day. For readers of Woodturning magazine he will need no introduction. For those who do not read the best woodturning magazine come along and be entertained and maybe surprised.

This newsletter was put together by Fred
with the assistance of Alan and Chris Smith