April 2018 Newsletter

Les Thorne was our demonstrator for our March meeting but before I go in to that I owe an apology to Alan Kite. In last month’s newsletter, picture no 5 on Page 4, I said the pieces were by Tony Flood but they were actually made by Alan. Sorry mate.

Now on to Les. His demo was making fairly simple pieces but very much a teaching session, explaining in some detail the tools he was using and why.

His first item was a box. He had cut his blank from square to hexagonal before he mounted it between centres. This causes less tear out when turning a square to a cylinder.
He turned his cylinder between centres leaving a chucking spigot at each end and a waist band that would divide the top from the bottom.
For balance of shape he worked on 2/5 to 3/5 ratio. 2/5 lid and 3/5 box. He parted through the waist band leaving a spigot that would take the lid later and just a “witness” spigot to work to when hollowing out the lid.
This would prevent him taking too much out and be sure the lid would fit the base.
The lid was hollowed using a spindle gouge with a shallow bevel to give a rounded finish,
leaving a parallel entrance for the box to fit to. For the base he used a variety of tools to hollow it out ending with a tool made from round bar and ground so that it could be used as a skew chisel, and because the edge is sharp, a scraper to go down the side to give a square edge to the inside of the box.
Next he fitted the two halves together, at this stage they were a tight fit, and made the final cuts to blend the the top and bottom in. He decorated it using a 2” arbotec tool and deburred it using a rotary plastic brush before finally colouring it using an inexpensive air brushing kit available from Axminster tools.
To finish it off he carefully sanded the spigot that the lid fits on to until he had a “piston” fit.
This means that by holding the top the base will slowly slide off. Or you could hold the base and the top would slide off, if yer like! Thinking about it, this way the contents won’t fall on the floor, will they!!!

Les’s second piece was a bowl turned from a piece of spalted sycamore. Mounted on a screw chuck he turned the outside demonstrating the use of push and pull cuts and what happens when the tool is held at different angles.
All through this demonstration he was explain the use of the tool and why he chose one type over another. He finished the outside leaving a raised ring near the top which he textured with his arbotec using a different type of cutter. He hollowed out the inside using bowl gouges and again explaining the need for different bevels on the tool depending on how deep the bowl is. He didn’t finish this piece and Chris Withall was somehow volunteered in to taking it away to finish it.

For his last item of the day Les turned a cylinder from a length of soft wood and showed the cutting of beads and coves etc using the skew chisel.

Many thanks to Les for what was a very informative day especially for those of us who are still trying to get to grips with woodturning.

Now then. Pay attention everyone.
There will not be a meeting in April because the trip to Yandles is taking place on that day.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 12th May when we will have Steve Giles with us.
His website doesn’t give much away but his work looks decorative. He comes from Berkshire and teaches in his home workshop and demonstrates a lot in and around that area. What’s he got in store for us down yere in Kent? Come along and find out.
See you all on the 12th May.


Notice board.
Ian Alston called me to tell me that on 21st of April there is craft fair at the Snodland community centre.
SATURDAY 21st April 2018 from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Constitution Hill, (Paddlesworth Rd),
Snodland, Kent ME6 5DP

Come and spend the day in the company of other craft minded people. Bring your own craft to work on, see what others are doing, or just chat!
In the afternoon our speaker will be Susan Shaw,
"The Road to Chelsea: Exhibiting at RHS Chelsea"
Tickets: £5.00 (entry by ticket only)
To include morning coffee, afternoon tea and cake
Tea and Coffee will be available all day. Please bring a packed lunch.

Suppliers attending: Mainly Lace- Lace Threads & Supplies,
Smart Frog Quilting- Quilting Materials and threads,
Ian - Wood Turner.

If you would like to share his sale table please contact Ian on 07957 572294. There will be no charge as a demonstrator. Ian might have a small lathe with him to demonstrate on.