August 2005 Newsletter

Tony Walton spent the day with us last month and gave a very good presentation even though some of us were talking, at times a little too loudly, about other things.
Consider our wrists slapped and please try and avoid these interruptions at future meetings.

Tonyís first piece was to turn an apple using a piece of Norway Maple. An interesting little addition was to turn a small maggot out of a bit of holly and draw a smiley face on it and fit it into a small hole in the side of the apple. He followed this with a handle from a piece of Australian blackwood for a magnifying glass and finished the morning session with a lidded box made from African blackwood. The piece of timber was cone shaped (available from Poolewood) and I am told they are usually used to make the trumpet shaped end to instruments, i.e clarinet.

I wasnít able to stay, but the afternoon was, it seems, more interesting than the morning. First came an attractive bowl with an inlay around the rim followed by a long stem goblet. While he was turning this he was asked to make the shavings fly and he obliged with considerable enthusiasm.

Our August meeting will be a bit different from the usual in that Daniel Wright is not a turner but is a highly skilled pyrographer.
In the morning he will be educating us in the basics of pyrography and how to create patterns to work from, advise on suitable materials to use and more. He will be bringing in a few spare machines and the afternoon will be a hands on session. If any one has their own pyrography kit, bring it along.
It will be interesting to see what is brought in for this months competition. How many of us are into decorating vases or platters in this way.

Norman will be taking orders for bandsaw blades at the meeting so if you want any please have the length and width dimensions written down. I think an order of 20 or more blades gets a discount of 15%.

Several people have complained that our sound system is giving us problems which would seem to be caused by outside electrical interference. We have tried several things to correct it but so far without much success. We are still trying and hopefully we will get it right in the end.

In November our entertainment is drawn from in house with Norman, Howard and Peter Fuller. For a bit of fun, one thing they have in mind is to hold a speed turning competition so get practicing. (I believe Chris Stott can turn a lidded box in 2 minutes!!)

Finally, itís official. With thanks to Fred Taylor we now have our own web site. Our web address is It will appear at the bottom of the back page on all future newsletters. Thatís all this time folks. See you all on the 13th August.