August 2006 Newsletter

The July meeting saw us spending the day in the company of Reg Slack who gave a very informative lecture on the use and sharpening of turning tools.
In the morning he turned a table leg, frequently stopping to describe the tool he was using and why.
We stopped mid morning for him to judge the entries brought in and Reg spent quite a bit of time explaining how pieces are judged. His method, much like most judges is to start with a score of ten and then knock points off for any fault he may find. “Usually on the base of the piece” he said. He eventually awarded the certificate for the best article to Denis Ireland for his 2 in 1 bowl and Howard Overton received the certificate for the runner up with a beautiful jewellery stand. Reg placed him second because the base was lined with baize and thought it could be hiding a bad finish (as if!!). Howard pointed out that it was to protect rings etc. but Reg was having none of it.

I was not there for the afternoon when Reg turned an offset goblet followed by a pear and to end the day, a pen using the guts of a Bic pen. As in the morning he kept up a running commentary on what he was doing and describing the tool he was using.

Many thanks to Pete Branchett for the photographs of the afternoon session.

Our next meeting is on August 12th and Bill Care will spend the day with us. Bill is an international demonstrator (well, he did a three day demo in France!) He will be doing half a dozen different small projects. He says that from experience he has found that to do one large object becomes boring and people lose interest. I think we would agree with that.

The following is from Ian Alston

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Born 24th April 1923 died 10th June 2006

Sadly, as you may have heard, Bill Alston passed away on 10th June 2006 age 83 years.
He was an enthusiastic member of a number of woodturning clubs in the locality, all of which he enjoyed enormously. His greatest pleasure was in talking to and socialising with his fellow club members.
He revelled in the close companionship of the clubs and insisted upon attending meetings even when seriously ill.
His wife Terry, his son Ian and all the family would like to send their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you who kindly sent expressions of sympathy and support in our time of grief.

Jumping for Demelza

Pat Hughes is celebrating his 70th birthday with a tandem parachute jump on September 17th so he thought that it would be a good opportunity to raise some money for Demelza House.

If anyone would like to sponsor him to the tune of £1 per person please pay at the door on either of the next two meetings.

Good luck on the day Pat, you’ve got more faith in a few bits of string and a big silk hanky than I have!!!



The fish and chip lunch is on again for this year and will be held at Milsfead Hall on Saturday 16th September 2006. No spinning tops this year!I How does skittles grab you? If could happen. If you haven’t placed your order yet please contact Bert Lanham or Paul Hunt.


The Medway Woodturners are arranging a coach trip to Boulogne on Wednesday 20th September to visit a furniture factory and have invited members of our club to join them if they wish. The cost is approximately £20 per person. Coach pick up points will be at Faversham and the Mid Kent Shopping Centre. If you are interested please contact Don Butcher on 01227 731340 or on his mobile 0778. 6056171