August 2016 Newsletter

Tony Handford was our demonstrator for our July meeting.
He stepped in at the last minute after Paul Nesbitt cried off because he was double booked!!
As usual Tony came in with some lumps of wood that you could say “have character”.
What comes out of them is impressive though Here are three pieces he brought in to show us.

His first piece today was to be a bowl from an acacia blank. He set it up between centres and turned the back to shape leaving a chucking spigot for when he reversed it to shape the front. The spigot would remain as a foot “giving height to the bowl to show off its shape” At one point he had trouble with the tool rest not locking so minor repairs were carried, “no charge, I’ll do it for free”. He carried on working on the back

but was concerned about one section that looked as though it might fly off so out came the super glue.

Once this was set he started in again and finished turning the back. He reversed it on to the chuck so didn’t need the revolving centre any more, but!!? It wouldn’t come out, stuck, won’t budge. Hmmm.

Try this said Bert

Right. You hold that. I'll hit this and you two catch it. That did it. Yea

Off we go again and Tony finished shaping the front using cabinet makers scrapers for the final finish before a bit of sanding with abronet sanding medium.

He took it off the lathe and gave it over to Bert for it to be finished by someone and then used as a raffle prize at one of our charity events. Guess who it ended up with. Hey ho I’ll do my best..

Item number two was to be a vase made from a walnut log, nothing manky about this lump Tony, which again was set up between centres, a different revolving tail stock centre I hasten to add and the ends cleaned up and a chucking spigot formed at one end.
Then he started shaping the piece with no real plan in mind because for Tony it depends on what begins to show in the grain as he goes along.
He started shaping the middle area leaving the bark on at both ends.
At first it began to take on the shape of an urn but he didn’t seem too keen on it so turned more away from the waist where it began to look more like one of the finished pieces he had brought in to show us.
Before taking any more off he started hollowing it out having first drilled a starter hole using a large drill fitted in the tail stock, yep, he took the live centre out first with ease!!
and drilled to the depth he intended to hollow out to.
He made a start on hollowing using a Rolly Monro hollowing tool supported in one of his own tool supports. Time was up before he got too far so he will take it back to his workshop to complete it. There are some pictures in the July gallery showing the sequence described above.

Our next meeting is on Saturday13th july and it is a club day, no demonstrator, but we will have some lathes out as usual. We will also have a speed turning competition, as yet the subject of this bit of fun is unknown to yours truly. In fact I’m not sure any of us know yet. Anyway, come along and enjoy the day, have a go at the speed turning and maybe win the prize. No idea what that will be yet but it’s bound to be something you just can’t live without!!

SAW 2016
We would like all the possible entries for the 2016 SAW inter club competition brought in at the july meeting so that the best ten pieces can be selected by club members to show. If you have that really spectacular work of art hidden away in your shed please dig it out, give it another polish and bring it in. We won last year, the first for a few years so let’s keep the ball rolling. The pieces entered must each be turned by a different turner.