December 2004 Newsletter

As always Peter Blake gave us a very interesting day and started off demonstrating upside down turning when hollowing out a box. Norman was the only one brave enough to try it when Peter invited people to have a go. He then went on to make a lidded box using a piece of boxwood with an insert in the lid using a ring of ebony with a boxwood centre. This was done by boring the lid out to take the ebony insert which had been turned using a small screw chuck to hold it on the lathe. This was glued in place using super glue (a lot of laughing and piss taking from those who saw his efforts at Ian's demo) and then bored out to accept the boxwood centre which was glued in and then finished off. He also gave the lid a chatter finish using a small spindle gouge with the tool rest fairly well back from the work The afternoon was taken up with a chat and demonstration of thread chasing both male and female and going on to make a pedestal bowl in walnut. Time was running out and sods law working at its best, the spindle snapped as Pete was adding all kinds of beads and coves to it. A bit more glue to hold it together and the base and bowl were assembled. It's a bit wonky but in his usual cheery way Pete said he would get better with practice.

Several members brought in some nice pieces for us to look at and photos are in the gallery.

Bill has been busy working on next year and has arranged the following so far for 2005.
January 8th
The AGM will start at 9am when as you know any matters regarding the running of the club for the next 12 months will be discussed and your input is very important.
Peter Blake will entertain us for the rest of the day.
February 12th
Mark Baker will be with us for the day. Mark is editor of the Woodturner magazine and before that was a member of Robert Sorby and did a lot of demonstrating for them.
March 12th
Alan Beecham will be doing twists.
April 9th
David Springett will be showing more of his magic.
May 14th
Bert Marsh will be demonstrating a range of his skills
June 11th
Dennis Hill will be turning natural edge bowls.
So for the first six months of the year we have a line up of top professional turners. Many thanks to Bill

Our next meeting is on December 11th and will be an open meeting If you have a useful tip to pass on please don't be shy about having a go. There may be a bit of bobbin and light pull turning going on as well. Only 2 on the door for this one. 3 for guests.

Finally, the time is almost upon us when we have to put our hands in our pockets to pay our way for the next year and the good news is that at the moment we don't think there is any need to put up the membership fee so we are holding it at 12.50. You will find a membership renewal form enclosed which I would like you to complete and return to me by January 8th please. It's important that I have this because when I hand your money over to the Treasurer it is the only record I have of your membership. I know that some of you prefer to pay your subscription on the day of the AGM meeting. This is ok but please bring in the completed form as well.
Your membership card will also be your badge and I will issue these in a new holder at no extra cost Wow! That's all for now.

See you all in December.