December 2009 Newsletter

Sadly we received the news that Stan Ludlow had died and his funeral had been held on the 29th October so we observed a minute silence in his memory. Stan was a founder member of the club and had brought in some beautiful pieces of his work to show us over the years.
For those of you who read the Woodturning magazine you will have read his articles that he wrote under the name of “Chuck Turner”

This month we didn’t have a professional demonstrator and Norman filled the gap in the morning telling us how he goes about making a chair. He brought to the village hall all the parts that he had made at home to put together a smoking chair. First he talked about each component and what pitfalls to look for when making them and then proceeded to assemble it. This didn’t quite work out but rather than leave him to scratch his head for too long Sheila stepped in and showed him how it should be done.

Ah! Where would we be without the ladies in times of crisis?

He later went on to talk about the Celtic chair he showed at Mychett and then an Edwardian cake stand and finally a candle vase that he can no longer get the glass ware for. Sheila told him he is not to sell that one then because it was one item she has always liked and wants one for herself.
That took up most of the morning and Mike Fisher filled the time up to lunch with discussing the box he had made and brought in to show us. Not turning but a very attractive piece of cabinet making and not without its problems in the making.

In the afternoon a few us came back for a chat and to watch Bernard make a few more flowers. Improvements to the lathe stand were being discussed between Alan, Bert and Fred, something that we have been considering for some time in order to make it more user friendly.

(To see the photographs taken at the Christmas Dinner, please go to the Gallery and make the relevant selection)

In the gallery are photos of the three Items Norman discussed with us and Mike’s box. And yep, I have done it again. I didn’t get a photo of the smoking chair, which brings me nicely on to another cock up, namely the order form. What a ?**!! shambles that is. I have aligned everything up and reprinted it and now it makes sense, I think!! Please use it and send your order to me with cheques made out to Orchard Woodturners. For those who have already given me an order form I have put the info on to a new form. The suppliers are at an exhibition at present so hopefully I will get a few more orders from you before I place an order on them.

Please find enclosed your renewal form for 2010 and a copy of the 2010 diary of events.

You will see that we have decided not to have a meeting in April. Instead we will once again go to Yandles.

In December we had booked Julie Heryet again but she has contacted us to say she has cancelled her dates for 2010. However, we have booked Nicos Siragas for Sunday 19th December, his only free date in 2010 while he is in the south of England. Soooo there will not be a meeting on Saturday the 11th December but Nicos is definitely on for the 19th. Got it? Simples!!!!


Notice Board
Pat Hughes has advised us that he will resign from the committee at the end of the year so we will need a replacement as from January 2010.

If you are willing to take on this important role please contact either Bert Lanham or Graham Holcroft.

The Committee as a whole is open for selection at the AGM so all positions can be applied for at that time.

New brooms ‘n’ all that!!?