December 2011 Newsletter

Jennie Starbuck was our demonstrator for our November meeting. She started the day with an introduction to the style of her work and how she arrived at it, one thing leading to another, as they do.
Her style is very artistic and her bowls that she works on are very thin, usually around 3mm.

Many forms of art interest her and influence each piece she produces. For pierced work Jennie uses an air drill that runs at very high speed and uses cutters much like dentists drills, hence the need for very thin walls although a Dremel tool would cope with a slightly thicker wall.

Jennie turned two examples to show us. The first was a bowl which was decorated on the outside using a beading tool and then sprayed black and then partially sanded back. The inside was painted with a variety of colours using a small brush rather than a finger. Thatís because the paint doesnít always wipe off!!

Jennie was sending round samples of paints she uses laid on to boards like an artistís palette so that we could see the texture and how they spread.

Her second piece was a plaque which was faced off and then grooves of various width and depth were cut. These would have glass crystals glued in to them or a row of pearls or any kind of decoration that fitted the occasion. Some she would cut out and fit an inlay, for example, a sycamore leaf cut from thin board. This would then be covered with a clear or coloured wax which is faced off and polished when set solid. The choices are endless.

A lot of the mediums she uses can be bought from most craft shops. Paints used for finger painting, peel offs to be used as templates to create flowers, dragonflies and butterflies, glass beads. The list is quite long, in fact Jennie offered to email a list of the things she uses and where they can be obtained to anyone who would like one. Fred asked her to send him one and it came to four A4 sheets long. I am not going to print off a copy for everyone because that would be quite expensive but if anyone really wants a copy please ask. Fred might have a few copies at the next meeting.

I didnít get any photos of the two pieces that Jenny produced on the day so I have put in this picture of her display that she set up at the meeting on which you can see many examples of her work. I have taken three out and enlarged them to give you a closer look. On the left and right are examples of pierced work and in the centre piece she has used pyrography, beading and piercing.

These pictures are in the November gallery (Fred).

Our next meeting is on Saturday 10th December and will be an open club day. Matthew has managed to talk Pat Hughes, Fred Taylor, Bernard Slingsby and yours truly into creating some fancy firewood!! Pat will use off set turning to turn a mannequin, Fred will make a thin stem goblet, Bernard will have crack at making a couple of pens and I will attempt to turn out a couple of perfume atomisers. In the afternoon we will have another speed turning competition but the subject has not been decided yet.

Something else for you all to think about.

January is the month for our AGM and time to vote in a committee to carry us through the year. Is it time for changes?
Would you like a spell in one of the hot seats?
If you would then please let us know or hold your hand up at the January meeting.
If you want to propose someone then you must get their consent before you do so and someone to second your proposal.

Give it some thought, all positions are open for change.


Notice board

Annual Club Dinner

We have now booked tables for this event at the Fruiterers Arms for Saturday 25th February 2012.

The menu will be three courses with coffee and the cost will be in the region of £21 per person.
The menu will be similar to the Christmas menu but steaks will be available at extra cost.

If you are going to come along please add your name to the list at the next meeting or the January meeting at the latest with the number of people in your party.