December 2014 Newsletter

Our demonstrator for our November meeting was Phil Jones. He was very good but some people thought that what he did was a bit basic.
On the other hand this was a benefit to some of the newer members who were looking to learn something from the day.
Others thought it was all rather frantic as though speed was the order of the day.
He timed himself with every piece he turned, probably because he had to have a report on his day filled in by Matthew and sent off to the RPT.
He did discuss some of the tools he was using but seemed to favour the skew chisel for a lot of his work. I think the best I can do here is just give you some photos of the pieces that he produced. You will find them in the gallery.
There were nine items in all.

The first was a small furniture leg, typical of a spindle turning exercise.

Second came another leg but this time a cabrolet leg showing how to off set a piece.
The final blending in he did with a very small palm plane.
Sanding would achieve the same result but might take a little longer.

His third item was a tool handle with a piece of copper pipe used to make the ferule that prevents the end from splitting when the tool is fitted.

Number four was a mushroom made using a small piece of yew.
He added a bit of excitement here when he had a bit of a dig in.
Ha, we can all do that!

Next came a salt shaker.
He used yew for this but when it was pointed out that yew is poisonous he said this was for demo purposes only and would not be used if he was to sell it.

Item number six was to be a five minute egg that would just bring us up to lunch time. He actually turned it in three!

After lunch came item number seven which was to be a table lamp. He used one he made earlier as a pattern to follow.
The spindle he turned using mainly his skew chisel and the hole he produced using a long hole boring tool.
For this you do need to have a hollow tail stock and a hollow revolving centre.
The base was started off on a screw chuck to enable him to turn the underside and then reversed on to the recess formed and the face turned and bored to receive the spindle.
The lamp holder was one of the standard fittings you can buy from Axminster Power Tools.

Item number eight was a box made from a piece ofÖÖ.


you've guessed it,

He turned the log to a cylinder and formed a chucking spigot at either end.
Then cut it in two at roughly two thirds one third ratio.

He turned the base first and then the lid, making it a tight enough fit that it would stay in place while he finished the outer shape.

Last but not least was a ball which he turned between centres getting it very close to perfect and only using a template at the end for the final finish.

A lot of pieces in one day, but yes, all a bit rushed.

Our December meeting is a club day so no demonstrator,
just us doing our own thing. As usual the small lathes will be out and no doubt Paul will have the big lathe out and will have found half a tree to hack in to.
These days are always enjoyable. If you havenít yet paid your membership subscription for next year, still only £20, would you please do so asap. If you have decided not to renew please let me know by filling In the no thanks bit on your renewal form and sending it to me or give me a call on 01732 883719. I donít want to take names off the mailing list until I know for sure.


Our display at Elm Court and Bert finds a young lady to draw the raffle prize tickets. Well done to everyone who donated items for sale and those who manned the sales tables over the two days. We collected an amazing £690.99 for MacMillan cancer research.