December 2016 Newsletter

Tony Handford was back with us for our November meeting and as usual he had an interesting project to demonstrate?
An interesting growth of yew where three branches had grown together as shown in these two photos.

Having done a similar piece before he knew what to look for and hoped it would turn out similar as the third photo.

Having decided where the centres should be positioned to get the best out of the log Tony mounted it between centres and started to turn away the outside at the waist to bring the log in to balance and a spigot to mount the log on when hollowing. As the shape began to take place he mounted it on the spigot and started to hollow the top end
The idea is to reduce the thickness as he went in deeper taking some from outside and some from inside and so retaining the maximum strength in the pieceAnd so he carried on taking more and more care as he broke through the sides
He used mainly Roly Munro tools and his own design tool support.  

The fourth picture is the end result so far today.

Tony donated it to the club to finish off to be given as a raffle prize at one of our charity events. Steve Tredwell suggested that it was finished at the December club day meeting. All we need now is a volunteer to do the job!! 
A good tip here.
To start hollowing Tony went in with a forstner bit first and to stop it wandering off centre as it started its cut he fixed an MDF plate over the end of the log and drilled in to this.
It then acted as a guide as the drill entered the wood.

  His next project was a hollow form from a log of cankered ash. This is a growth on the side of the tree.
Sorry, no photo of this, just few of what came out of it. He first mounted it between centres.
He always fits the drive centre in to a recess ( “If the drive dogs skip and shave the surface and lose their grip the log still stays on the lathe”)
He started by shaping the outside from the centre down to the top and bottom edges and left a spigot to hold on to when hollowing.

That was it for November and as usual we all enjoyed Tony’s company and his demonstration.

Next month is a club day when the usual set up of lathes will be out and anyone can have a go at showing off their skills.

Don’t forget to return your completed quiz sheet, with your name on it!!

 Also you will find your membership renewal forms enclosed. Please get them back to me asap so that I can produce the new membership directory. Don’t forget it’s £25 or £35 now.

The date for the club annual dinner has been changed to Saturday 18th February at the Fruiterers Arms. Please arrive at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

The price is £25 per person. Dawn will be asking for names of those who wish to go at the next meeting so that she has an idea of number of tables to book. I think that over a certain number we may get a 10% discount.

Notice board

Sadly we have to report that two more members have recently passed  away. Bill Curtiss lost his fight against cancer on the 9th November and earlier in the year Wolf Schultz died. Wolf would have been 92. He was a founder member of the club and was secretary until he dumped the job on to yours truly in April 2001