February 2007 Newsletter

Ian Alston presents David Ward with the Bill Alston Trophy for turner of the year. (See January 2007 gallery for photograph)
Howard Overton won the certificate for best turning for January and Pat Hughes won the runner up certificate. Unfortunately we didn’t have the certificates to present and I didn’t get a photo of the winners with Dave Reeks, who judged the entries.

The January meeting opened at 10.am starting with the AGM. Not a lot to be said about it once the minutes of the 2006 AGM had been read and agreed by all. Bernard Slingsby has resigned as Vice Chairman but when it came to asking for someone to take over, everyone’s lips were sealed and their hands tucked firmly under their bums. We therefore go into the new-year without a Vice Chairman. At this rate, give it a few years and the club will be without a committee!!
The rest of the committee agreed to stand again for another year. We did have a moment of animated debate when it was suggested that members who do not wear their name badge at meetings would be fined. We all probably recognise a face in the crowd but putting a name to it can be a problem and this is avoided if we all wear our badge. Visitors will also be given a badge to wear which will confirm that they have paid their entrance fee. Names on shirts will be accepted. A fine of 20 pence was agreed on and at the end of the year all money collected will go to Demelza House. If any one has not got a badge holder please let me know at the next meeting.

I would like to thank you all for getting your membership renewals back to me in good time, consequently I have been able to publish the directory for 2007 and your copy is enclosed with your newsletter. Only four people have decided not to renew and we had three new members join us at the meeting.
Welcome to Andrew Gager, Alan Smith and Christopher Porter. Also welcome back to Bill Chapman who has been away for over a year through ill health.

By 11 am the demonstrations started, with a little confusion to begin with but then things got under way with demonstrations by three of our members. Tony Handford, becoming known for his big bowls with a beautiful finish, demonstrated the tools he uses and the tool support he has designed to enable him to turn the deep vessels. Note the light attached, positioned to shine on the cutting edge at all times.

Ian Alston was demonstrating, first, turning an oval picture frame and then went on to turn a decorated box lid using alternative ivory. The jigs he used and some of the machinery, a simplified form of engine turning, were supplied by John Rea of Sydney Australia.

On the other side of the room Peter Fuller was showing us how he uses a router to decorate both face work and spindle work (even bud vases!!). He also displayed some chequered work he has done and some sample laminated sections with discs cut from them. Peter explained that to make the items he had on show where the chequers spiralled, the sections should be drilled and mounted on a dowel to enable them to be suitably aligned before gluing. The photos, in the gallery, will hopefully help to explain this.

Our next meeting is on February 10th and we will have Simon Hope with us for the day. He will be demonstrating turning pewter for pot lids etc. We will see the process from melting a lump down to casting it and then turning it. He will also turn a rimmed bowl and possibly a few other things depending on time remaining. It sounds like an interesting day we can’t afford to miss. And don’t forget your badge (or a 20p piece!!)

That’s it from me. See you all on the 10th.


Your committee for 2007
Chairman — Bill Burden
Vice Chairman — Position vacant
Secretary — Graham Holcroft
Treasurer — Peter Branchett
Events Organisers — Bert Lanham, Paul Hunt
(Norman Smithers will assist Bert on a temporary basis)
Webmaster — Fred Taylor
Equipment manager — Bob Mann
Caretaker — Alan Dungey


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