January 2009 Newsletter

The January meeting was the scene for our AGM. The minutes will be included with the December newsletter but some of the important points are as follows. First though it must be said that the turnout for such an important meeting was very disappointing with less than thirty members being present.

The committee for 2009 is as follows.
Chairman — Bert Lanham.
Vice Chairman — Des Segens.
Secretary — Graham Holcroft.
Treasurer — Roger Martin.
Events Organiser — This position was not filled.
Assistant events organiser — Paul Hunt.
Website Manager — Fred Taylor.
Equipment Manager — Alan Smith.
Caretaker — Alan Dungey.
Norman Smithers will be the club representative at the village hall committee meetings. (Previously done by Bill Burden).

As you will see on the notice board it was decided at the AGM that an Extraordinary General Meeting is held at the next meeting to try and resolve the events organising. It was suggested that a team of three take the job on which should make volunteering a lot easier!!
PLEASE come along to the next meeting to help us ensure the success of the club through 2010 and beyond.

One change I will be making will be the format of the Members Directory. In future I will only include names and telephone numbers. For those who need addresses I suggest you hang on to last year’s book. I will email everyone with a list of email addresses that I have got.

As I have already said on the notice board, the next meeting is on Saturday 14th February and Tony Handford will be our demonstrator for the day. He hasn’t said what he will be doing but I guess it will be something big and a lot of tips thrown in along the way. He will also be judging the entries for turning of the month and while mentioning this it is a good moment to clarify the rules.

Rules for Club Monthly Competition.
Any member of the club can enter up to three items to show at every meeting. Each item must have at least one section that has been turned. Those that win either the Turning Of The Month certificate or a Highly Commended certificate can still enter the competition each month but cannot leave their work on the table for the rest of the current year when the judge selects from the remaining pieces the winners of the commended certificates. At the end of the year the board will be wiped clean for a fresh start in January.
Judging will be carried out by the visiting professional turner or on club days by one of our own professionals. If none of them are at the meeting it will be judged by members present on the day.

External Competitions.
Club entry to external competitions will follow the rules of that club. If a competition table is to be entered then our own Club Committee will establish the rules for that competition and items to be submitted to represent the club will be chosen by the Committee.
Hopefully this will clear up any misunderstanding in this area.

We have had to make a change in this year’s programme. Joey Richardson was to be with us in May but she has phoned to say that she has to go into hospital for an operation on her spine. Dave Reeks has said he can swap and so he will now be demonstrating in May and Joey will take the October meeting.

On the subject of demonstrating, we are all aware that when a club member volunteers to do one, even if it is only for a half day it takes time and materials to plan it. It was agreed at the AGM that on these occasions we will charge £4.50 at the door instead of £3.50 and the extra will be paid to the member demonstrating to help cover the costs that he has incurred. Members will be asked a few months ahead if they will give a demonstration to give them time to plan it. Hopefully this will mean we have less professionals who are becoming very expensive, especially when they travel long distances to come to us.

That’s all for this one. Here’s hoping we have a big turnout on the 14th.


Notice board

Important notice
The next meeting is on Saturday 14th February and as we were unable to fill the post of Events Organiser at the AGM it was agreed that we will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting before Tony Handford starts his demonstration to try and resolve this situation.

One suggestion made at the AGM was that the job is shared by two or three people who would work as a sub committee with one of the team being the leader who will ensure co-ordination. As you all know, the programme for 2009 is complete so the new team will be planning 2010 and will start from scratch. Please turn up for this meeting and help us fill this important gap in our structure.

Paul Hunt will continue to handle the arrangements of social functions.