February 2010 Newsletter

2010 AGM

Due to the lousy weather we had to cancel our January meeting and therefore the AGM.

Rather than interfere with the demonstration on our February meeting we have hired the hall for the morning of Saturday 30th January just for the AGM.

The meeting will open at 10.00 am and should end around 12.00 noon.

The committee for 2010 has to be voted in and can be a whole new team if that is what we need but whatever happens we must appoint a new Events Organiser/organisers to set up a full diary for 2011 and beyond.

HEY. You can even have free coffee and tea!!

The February meeting will be on Saturday 13th February and we have Greg Morton with us once again. It is two years since we last saw him and his theme then was turning bowls from monkey puzzle trees. Has he changed his form?

Come along and find out.