February 2011 Newsletter

The January meeting opened at 10 am with the AGM.

A couple of points were raised that I think are worth mentioning here.

The Christmas dinner venue and timing were discussed and it was felt that there are too many Christmas dinners going on around the end of November and through December so should we have a social gathering either in early November or maybe end of January or early February. Another thought was perhaps to have a summer BBQ instead. Chris Smith said that the Fruiterer's Arms do a very good one for parties all through the summer. The other point raised was to see if we can reduce our costs in any way and the newsletter came up. How many of you that have email and therefore access to the website think that receiving a newsletter through the post is unnecessary.
Let me have your thoughts on these suggestions please.

The Committee was voted in and as usual no one new wanted to get involved in running the club.
Pat had already resigned from the post of Events Organiser but no one would volunteer to fill the vacancy (so whatís new?) so we will do the best we can.
2012 could be a cheap year!!

Roger Martin also would have preferred to stand down but no one would take on the job of Treasurer so he agreed to do one more year and then no more. Definitely. So we have some serious cajoling to do over the next few months.

The rest of the Committee remain on board as listed in the enclosed Membership Directory.

The rest of the day was a club day and we had a couple of lathes out and one of the TVís was used to show a couple of DVDís on woodturning. I had to leave at lunch time but Iím sure an enjoyable time was had by all.

On with 2011 and our next meeting is on Saturday 12th February and Phil Irons will be with us for the day. Phil has been on the international circuit for many years and also runs courses for all grades of turners. Iím sure we are in for a really good day but donít be surprised if he tries to flog you a Vicmarc lathe and loads of goodies to make on it!!

We have had a couple of changes already to this yearís programme. Simon Hope canít make it to us in June but Alan Hazel has said he can so they have swapped dates.
That means that Alan Hazel will now be with us in June and Simon Hope will come to us in July. The programme has been amended on the website.

Congratulations to Howard and Pat for jointly winning the Bill Alston Trophy for 2010. Who will be top of the pile at the end of this year?

Keep bringing your masterpieces in each month and it could be you.

We also want some exceptional pieces to show at Mytchett this year. Letís grab the trophy for best display back from SAW or at least step up one place to second. We have got until October to produce that work of art.

Thatís all I have for now so Iím off. See you all on the 12th.

Chairmanís Message

Since the AGM in January I have been thinking about the club and its future in 2012.
The position as it stands at the moment is that although we have a full programme for this year 2011, arranged by Pat Hughes, we need to get going on making bookings for 2012. This is because demonstrators get booked at least one year ahead.

Although I suggested that we hold an Extraordinary General Meeting I feel that this would be a waste of £50 since we tried this last year and we failed to get an Events Organiser, luckily Pat Hughes came forward and saved the day at a later date.

Unless someone comes forward and we co-opt him/her onto the committee, thus avoiding a full meeting for election, the Saturday meetings will become coffee mornings and tea afternoons.

If I am still Chairman next year I will arrange a Yandles Visit and if Paul Hunt is still looking after the Social events he will organise the Fish & Chips Lunch and possibly a Xmas dinner. Other than these, Paul And I will Not arrange any Demonstrations.


Bert Lanham
Notice board

Outside venues

We are no longer able to show at Farming World because the business has been sold and the new owners are not holding similar events so we would like to find a new venue or two. If anyone knows where we can hold a similar show please let us know. We would like a space around 150ó200 square feet under cover and have a power supply for up to three lathes. We have tried Nott Cutts without success. The Maidstone shopping centre is possible but it does have its problems with access and parking would be expensive for all day.
A garden centre would be the ideal setting. Any ideas?

Oh, we would rather not to have to pay for it!!

You will see from the flier inside that we have a venue where we can have at least one show this year. Thanks to Pat for passing this on.