February 2013 Newsletter

The January meeting started off with the AGM and this year we had a good turnout of members. It followed it’s usual format with reports from the committee and ending up with voting in the committee for 2013. No surprises here. The same team were voted in for another year amid praises from all about the good job we do in running the club!! Yea Yea!!

The final thing was for the Chairman to present the Bill Alston Trophy to Pat Hughes. As pleased as he was to receive it he asked the members why more people didn’t show their work. He said he had heard people say it was showing off. And why not. You can be proud and show what you can do and others can also learn from it by asking how you achieved that shape or that finish.

The rest of the day was taken up with a demonstration from Peter Blake. Once again he did something different by making a chest of drawers on his bandsaw. Amazing really because the blade on his bandsaw was well past its use by date. He had a piece of tulip wood about 6” x 4” square and cut it from various different directions and as bits fell off he cut slices off these, some to keep and some to throw away. A few more cuts and a touch of super glue in the right spot and there you have it.

Pete’s next project was a pomander. For this he used a piece of sycamore which he turned to round and then turned a spigot on one end to grab it by. This he did, yep, nothing wasted, and proceeded to form a ball with a nice finial on the end through which he drilled a hole using a small spindle gouge. He then parted the finial off and kept it to one side. This would become the lid. The next step was to hollow out the ball to give a fairly thin wall and drill a hole through the bottom to take the string from which it will hang. Next Pete parted it off and it was back to the (very blunt) bandsaw to cut slots in the side to allow the contents placed therein to permeate. Mmmmm, nice.

The final item was to be a goblet. I had to leave before the end of the meeting but saw the start of this. He had a couple of slight digs that caused the wood to move and wobble a bit. Pete thought “it’s a bit like turning rubber”. No photo but I am sure he ended up with a respectable goblet.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 6th February and we have got Les Thorne spending the day with us. Les was with last in 2008 and his theme then was textured and coloured work. Will it be the same this year or has he changed his style? There’s only one way to find out. Come along and see what he gets up to.

A bit more news.

We have booked a 33 seater coach for the trip to Yandles on Saturday 6th April. The cost per person will depend on how many seats we fill. If you are keen to go you can reply to Fred’s email of the 9th January or contact Bert Lanham on 01622 726532 or email albertlanham279@btinternet.com


Notice board

Annual Dinner
For those of you going to the club dinner in February please pay for you and your guests by the February meeting at the latest. Bert will have to place our order with the pub that weekend.
Also don’t forget the Orchard Memorial trophy. Bring that special item that you are convinced is a winner to the dinner and go home at the end of the evening with the trophy for 2013.