February 2016 Newsletter

Our January meeting started off with the AGM. Nothing startling here.

In the absence of Bert who was still in hospital after major surgery Fred, who has been appointed by the committee members as temporary chairman until Bert is fully recovered, opened the meeting and read out the minutes of the last AGM.

Paul went through the accounts and Matthew and Dawn confirmed the events and monthly programme for 2016.

One point that must be noted is that following Paulís report we put a vote to the members that from January 2017 the annual membership fee would go up to £25 for single and £35 for couples.
Agreement was unanimous

The existing committee was voted in for another year by the members and the last act was to present Howard Overton with the Bill Alston Trophy for 2015.

Dawn reminded us that once again we need you to search through your box of exquisite but unwanted turned items to sell at our next charity event.
We have not confirmed where yet but Woodlands are very keen to have us back again.
Possibly in the summer when we can have a gazeebo in the carpark and have a lathe running as well.

After the AGM we had a presentation by Trevor Cox of TWAM (Tools with a Mission) on what they do and who they do it for.

This took us up to lunch and in the afternoon we had a normal club day with a few lathes running and a lot of chatting.
Nothing much else to report so I will let the pictures tell their own story.

Good news everyone.

Bert is out of hospital and at home. Obviously feeling knackered but on the mend and already sending out amusing anecdotes to anyone who is on his hit list on his computer.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 13th February and we will have a local man named Jason Smith with us for the day.
New to us so come along and see what gems of wizardry he can pass on to us.
I have looked on line at his profile and his work is very artistic and in his photo of himself he is sporting a bow tie!
Does he wear it when heís turning? We will find out on Saturday.

There is still room for a few more at the annual dinner on the 20th February so if you havenít booked yet get in touch with Dawn and for those of you that are going donít forget to bring along that absolutely beautiful piece of turning that the ladies will select as winner of the Orchard Memorial Trophy.

Thatís all for this month. See you all on Saturday.