February 2019 Newsletter

January was our first meeting of the year and we started off with the AGM.
After the committee was voted in for another year we had the presentations where Bert presented Ian Alston with the Bill Alston trophy for the most points scored in the monthly table top competition.
A new trophy was introduced for the person who had won the most points without winning either a turning of the month or a highly commended award. This was won by Nick Adamek.

A gift voucher was given to Alan Dungey for his work in being first in on a club day to set the room up for the dayís meeting.
Also a gift bag was given to Chris and Sheila by Paul for their help in taking your money at the door.

Dawn presented Howard with his SAW trophy to go with his rosette for best piece on show.

Following the meeting in December with the rep from the AWGB the committee had met to discuss the benefits or not of the club becoming involved with the AWGB.
At the AGM Bert asked Steve Tredwell to explain the basic details of what could or could not be gained by us joining as a club.
The committee had decided that it was of no benefit but it was put to the meeting for a majority vote and it was unanimous that we should not be involved.
We will advise the rep that came to us in December of our decision.

After that there was no further business and we started our normal club day activities which this month didnít amount to much.
The only lathe that came out was the club lathe and Paul set up a lump of wood and made a start on turning a bowl. After lunch the turnout was a bit thin on the ground and Paul turned his bowl to the point where a large crack appeared so he stopped there until he could give a good dose of glue before finishing it. With nothing much else going on the meeting closed early and we all went home. Bye bye.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 9th February and we will have Roger Hills with us for the day.
His work can be decorative and you would be surprised what he can do with a bunch of colouring pencils!! Want to know more? Come along on the 9th and see for yourself.

Also we have another scout taster session taking place on Saturday 2nd February so if you can help out or are interested in seeing what happens on these occasions we would be pleased to see you.

Thatís it. See you all on the day