February 2022 Newsletter

The January meeting started off with AGM and being two years since the last one it was basically starting from scratch with not a lot to be said or discussed.
Bert gave his chairman’s report and mentioned how having zoom meetings during the lock down period it did help to keep a lot of us in touch.

Paul gave us the annual accounts report and did stress that we do need to keep bums on seats for the club to survive.
A club day does give us a small profit which is vital when it comes to paying the demonstrators fees.. Their charge for their time is never too bad but by the time travelling expenses are added it gets expensive.
For instance. In June we have got Joey Richardson with us for the day She is very popular but her fee is £500 for the day. So you can see that we can only carry this expense if we have a seriously good turnout of members to all meetings.

The committee were voted in again for another yearr with the addition of Matthew Jevons to double his responsibilities by offering to step up as deputy chairman. We still need someone to fill the position of social events manager.
The fun bits such as fish and chip lunch with skittles, the annual dinner the SAW competition and charity events.
All the things that makes Orchard Woodturners the friendly and enjoyable club that it is.

For the rest of the morning we had Paul demonstrating his skills at turning tea lights and some of the colouring he uses on them.
A few photo’s of the day are in the gallery.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 12th February and it is a club day. Matthew did try to get Tony Handford but he had already taken a booking for the day.
So come along for the day anyway. There is always something going on. With a bit of luck and a following wind I will be there so see you all on the 12th.

Message from the Chairman

I fully understand the reluctance to attend Saturday Club Meetings due Covid. However I would like to say that if you follow the club rules and have a negative lateral flow test the day before, sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizer, and wear a mask or equivalent face shield you are probably better protected than if you were shopping in a super market store. Hoping that this will allay some fears and doubts I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting. I would also like to point out that the subscription you pay for membership of the club pays for the club running costs whereas the money taken on the demonstration days pays towards the demonstrators costs. So we really do need you to attend Saturday meetings if the club is to survive. Bert Lanham (Chairman)