January 2005 Newsletter

Well folks. Another year has passed and here's our first newsletter for 2005. A happy new year to you all and with the programme Bill has lined up for us it certainly looks as though it will be. The full programme is shown on the back page.

Any one who wants to go on the trip to the woodworking show at Alexander Palace on the 27th February please get in touch with Bill as soon as possible so that he can arrange a suitable coach. His number is in the Membership directory. This will be his last duty to perform before standing down as stated in the agenda for the AGM.

We ended the year with an unusual demonstration for us when Tom Jacobs spent the day with us showing how he uses a scroll saw to create all kinds of designs and pictures. Quite a lot of you found him very interesting and picked up a lot of ideas and tips to go away with and try for yourselves. There is a couple of photographs of the day in the gallery and also of a table full of items that some of you brought in to show us.

The first meeting this year will start with the AGM and the agenda for this is printed below. It will start at 9.30am and will be followed by a demonstration with Peter Blake. (Does glue feature in it anywhere Pete??!!)

Those of you who want to pay your subscription on that day PLEASE fill in your renewal form to hand in with your money. I do need these for my records once your money has been passed to the treasurer. New badges will be sent out to you when I have them made. I will compile and print the Membership Directory for 2005 in February so may I please have your subscriptions in by the end of January to be sure of your name being included.

AGM 8th January 2005 at 0930

The Agenda will comprise the following
Opening of the meeting by the Chairman and his report.
Report from the Treasurer.
Report from the Secretary.
Report from the Events Organiser.
Selection of the Committee for 2004,

All offices are open for election and if anyone would like to fill one of these places or you have someone you would like to vote on to the committee please first get their permission and also have someone to second your proposal. Bill Bassant is standing down because of poor health so we seriously need someone to take his place. He has planned a fabulous year for 2005 hut we need someone to step in now to pick up the reins and run with it. To do this job. access to a computer obviously makes life a lot easier but is not essential. Bill has a great deal of information to pass on.

The Committee consists of nine members who for 2004 have been
Chairman Norman Smithers
Vice Chairman Bernard Slingsby
Treasurer Peter Branchett
Secretary Graham Holcroft
Events Organiser Bill Bassant
Other Members are:
Bill Burden
Ron Cook
David Matson
Peter Fuller

Any Other Business: This is your chance to raise any issues you feel need discussing with regard to the running of your club