January 2009 Newsletter

December meeting and we were all looking forward to meeting Carlyn Lindsay. Her work is quite varied and for our meeting she had decided to show us her use of laminated woods that she prepares herself. Using thin strips of coloured wood sandwiched between thicker lengths of plain wood such as sycamore she builds up blocks that will themselves be glued together to form square blocks of approximately 12” long. Accurate measurements are vital if the end product is going to come out right. Now then. If you don’t already have shares in whoever makes PVA glue go out and buy some because the way Carlyn uses it there will always be a market for it!!

Her first turned piece was a small hollow form made from a block of sycamore. She had achieved the desired shape she wanted by lunch time and it was to be ebonised. For this Carlyn uses leather dye rather than ebonising spray because the finish is more even and the dye soaks in deeper. It takes longer to dry so she did this before we disappeared up the pub.

After lunch Carlyn turned the base and the neck from a piece of laminate. (“One I made earlier”)

Carlyn’s final piece for the day was to turn a spoon from half a log which I think was sycamore again. It was set off centre at one end so that the outside of the bowl of the spoon was just achieved while the handle was turned completely and on centre. In a piece of scrap she made a shallow recess that was the depth of the spoon as far as the handle. Using hot melt glue the spoon was fixed into the recess and the bowl hollowed out. Once completed, it was removed and any remaining glue was picked off the spoon. It was then polished with a power sanding disc held in the lathe chuck.

The next meeting is on Saturday 10th January 2009 and it will open at 10 am with the AGM.

As you all know it is the most important meeting of the year and this year we have to elect at least three new committee members so we really need a good attendance. All positions are open so if you feel it’s time we had an all new committee to carry us into 2009 now is your chance to make the changes. At the end of this newsletter, the committee is listed as it stands now and who is standing down as of 10th January.

When the business of the AGM is completed the meeting will continue as usual. We have not got a demonstrator so once again it is a day to do as you please and watch whatever is going on. The small lathes will be set up for anyone to use.

For those of you who have not yet sent in your subscription for 2009 I have included a reminder and another copy of the renewal form. Please fill this in and bring it with you to the January meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the day.


Current Committee Members

Chairman Bill Burden Retiring
Deputy Chairman Des Segens
Secretary Graham Holcroft
Treasurer Roger Martin
Events Organiser 1 Bert Lanham Retiring
Events Organiser 2 Paul Hunt
Equipment Manager Bob Mann Retiring
Website Manager Fred Taylor
Caretaker Alan Dungey