January 2011 Newsletter

What a way to end the year We were all looking forward to seeing Nicos Sirigas, some of us getting together the various pieces of wood he told us he would require for his demo, and then it snowed and we had to cancel the meeting!! Several expletives come to mind but as we have some lady readers I will refrain from writing them here *~?!!*%&*~ Unfortunately It leaves me with nothing much else to say.

January meeting is the ACM when you will all have the chance to select the committee for 2011 Pat Hughes has resigned from his post of Events Organiser so there is one gap to fill but all positions are open for election. If you feel the club would benefit from you filling one of these positions or you know someone you think
There is nothing planned for the rest of the day. Your current committee members are as follows.
Chairman Bert Lanham
Vice Chairman Des Segens
Secretary Graham Holcroft
Treasurer Roger Martin
Events Organisers Pat Hughes (resigned)
Paul Hunt
Equipment Manager Alan Smith
Website Manager Fred Taylor
Caretaker Alan Dungey