January 2012 Newsletter

Our last meeting of 2011 was a club day with no professional demonstrator and a day when we did our own thing.

Paul Hunt had brought in his heavy hollowing tools and was inviting anyone who wanted to try their hand to have a go with one.

Fred Taylor had one of the small lathes and was turning thin stemmed goblets,

Bernard Slingsby was turning pens on the other small lathe and I think

Pat Hughes at some time in the day showed us how to turn a mannequin using off set turning.

I say I think because I got a bit carried away working on my mini lathe that I had brought in and was turning a gavel and was not paying enough attention to what else was going on around me. In fact, at the end of the day I was being definitely bullied by Chris Smith to finish it when I was saying I would finish it at home. She won!!!

Every one else was wandering from lathe to lathe to watch what was being done and had the opportunity to talk about what they were seeing and ask advice if questions came up. As usual with a club day everyone enjoyed the day and most stayed on to the end.

As you all know our first meeting in 2012 is on Saturday 14th January and the first item on the agenda is the AGM. If you think that changes could be made that will improve the running of the club or changes to the committee, like appointing a new secretary for instance!!, now is the time to speak up. I must remind you all that if you wish to propose someone to take on a position you must get their consent and also have someone to second your proposal.

After the business of the AGM is complete Peter Blake will be demonstrating for the rest of the day