January 2017 Newsletter

December was a club day and as usual on these occasions lots of lathe work, chatting, tea and coffee altogether a very entertaining way to spend a damp Saturday.
Paul bought his nice new airbrushing kit in and offered an opportunity for all comers to try it out along with some tips and instruction, very impressive kit. We shall expect to see some colourful decorating from Paul in future.
Chris continued to work on a fine looking segmented vase,
Keith worked on a bowl and Dawn occupied the other lathe with some spindle turning.
Steve put Tony Handfords hollow form back on the big lathe for some very slow further hollowing which took most of the day which just goes to show the difference between a professional and an amateur. At least it got much closer to finishing and a little birdy tells me it has since been completed.

The monthly competition attracted ten entries, the commended certificates were awarded to David and Keith for some pleasing classic bowl forms. Arthur showed us a large burr platter with some very nice grain patterns which earned the highly-commended certificate. Turning of the month was awarded to Chris Withall for a cleverly made segmented bowl with a lid and finial, he added some darker trim around the bowl lid joint and at the base and each segment in the bowl and lid was highlighted along the joints.

Our next meeting is on the 14th January and we start the day with the AGM. This is a good time for you all to bring up any comments you have to make about the running of YOUR club. It’s the time to vote in a committee for the next year and it doesn’t have to be the same team as in the past year (or two, or three or……) Your secretary has been doing it for fifteen years!!!!!

Some of you have still not renewed your membership for 2017 so please bring yer munny and your completed form to the next meeting. We need them both, the money for Paul and your form to me to keep my records up to date.