January 2022 Newsletter

December meeting saw the end of a bad year for all of us with yours truly not atending any of the last meetings.
We ended up with Keith Leonard turning something but Fred, who kindly sent some pics of the day, ditn't get any of Keith's work.
What I have is in the gallery.

Now on to next year and our first meeting is on Saturday 8th January and is of course the AGM.
Always an important meeting and this year we really do need your input. We need someone to take on the role of social events manager.
We know that Dawn will be a hard act to follow but hopefully there is someone amongst our members who is willing to give it a go.
We also would like to create a new role of deputy chairman, or should that be chair person, it is not necessarly a male seat.
Please give it some thought and bring your ideas to the AGM where questions relating to these and indeed any positions on the committee.

So far we have received 22 renewals so keep them coming in. There is another 25 of you just itching to fill in your forms and give us yer munny!!

Sooo. See you all on the 8th. I still won't be driving and as yet I don't know when that will happen but I will be at the AGM even if I have to cadge a lift.

Have a very happy Christmas and here's hoping for a brighter 2022.