July 2005 Newsletter

I was away sunning myself in Malta last month but with many thanks to Peter Branchett I have some photos of the day and a bit of a write up for you.

It sounds as though Dennis Hill gave an entertaining, even smashing!! demonstration of bowl turning and because he doesn't say much while he is working, Peter Fuller gave a running commentary as the shavings flew (along with a few other bits as well!). I am assured that Peter moderated the language of his repertoire of bud vase jokes etc. for the benefit of the ladies.

Dennis turned three bowls. First off the lathe was a spalted beech creation followed by a yew burr that would have been good, if only he hadn't thought to himself, I will take just one more light cut and, whoops!! Heads up in front, and the next row, and the next. "don't bother with the bits, they are too small to glue back together". (Have a word with Peter Blake Dennis). His final bowl was from a piece of burr elm.

Once again there was a good display of work by members and I have decided to allow more space to this and a little less to pictures of the demonstrators work, mostly showing the finished article. You will see that the center spread is now called THE Orchard Gallery and hopefully I will get every body's work on there with your name added in.

This month we have Tony Walton for the day. Tony is not known much in our neck of the woods but is well known in Essex and around the various shows. What will he be doing for us I don't know so come along with me on Saturday 9th July and we will find out.

We held a hands on extra meeting in the evening of 16th June and several people turned up and enjoyed an evening of turning tuition and chatting to each other about things they had made (or wrecked). A couple of members brought in grinders and were giving out good tips on tool sharpening etc. The evening was so successful that a repeat was asked for and Norman has managed to book the hall for the evening of Friday the 22nd July. The start time is 7pm and we end at 9pm. The cost at the door is 1 per person. It would be nice if we could set up a regular night but the hall is already booked for various functions and we have to take pot luck on vacant dates.

Two more items before I close.

The Sale in aid of Demelza House raised 460.50 and a further 440.50 was raised in the raffle. I can reveal that we have now booked our demonstrators for 2006. We can look forward to a return visit by Mark Baker. Stuart Mortimer, Bill Jones and Reg Slack are in there and the rest I will print in full nearer the end of the year.

That's it. I will see you all on the 9th and let's see a few more entries for the competition this month please. Well done Michael for last months entry. What will you have for us this month?