July 2008 Newsletter

I was holidaying in a very wet Scotland when the June meeting took place but thanks to Peter Branchett I have pictures of Stephen Cooper entertaining you and a few notes on what he was demonstrating.

He produced five items (after a delay due to a coin being jammed in the electricity meter) , one of them needing a last minute “design change”. Whoops!!

The first piece was a small hollow form made out of boxwood. He started with a small item saying that he felt it was best to start this way and work up to bigger pieces later.

Item three was an egg box made from English walnut. Stephen turned the log to a cylinder and then rough turned it to the shape required. It was then parted into two pieces to form the top and base. These were hollowed in turn and then put together for final shaping and finishing touches.

His final item of the day was to be a thin, long stemmed goblet with a fairly large top but in an attempt to get the top “juuust a liiitle bit thinner” Whoops!! It fell off, so he made a goblet with a small top and a couple of captive rings for good measure. It does you good to know that even the professionals get it wrong now and again doesn’t it.

The next meeting is on Saturday 12th July and we have Garry Rance paying us a visit. I don’t think I need to say much here because I am sure we all know of Garry and the high standard of work he does.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the day.