June 2009 Newsletter

Well, I’m back and thanks to Pat Hughes and Alan Smith I have got some pictures and a few notes to offer to remind you of your day with Brian Wooldridge.

It seems as though the meeting was less noisy than Dave’s session last month, no ribaldry or back chat bouncing back an forth. After talking a little about himself, he started out as a metal worker but he found woodturning more interesting, turning spindles and also working at a school. He is a member of four woodturning clubs.

Brian’s first piece was to make a pot pouri bowl standing on a three legged base.
First came the base. A three inch cube was mounted at two diagonal corners (these were flattened first to give the drive centre and revolving centre a surface to bed into). The centre was hollowed to form the shape of the bowl and a spigot turned to fit the chuck for the second operation. The piece was reversed and hollowed, following the shape of the first hollow for the bowl to sit in.
The bowl came next which Brian turned to be a neat fit in the base and the inside was hollowed with a rim to take the pot pouri lid.

That took care of the morning session which also of course included judging the entries for this month’s certificates.

In the afternoon Brian demonstrated involuted turning to make a candlestick. First he turned a base then he got on to the nitty gritty bit, the spindle. Using four pieces of wood, I believe this was again cherry, rather than glue them he clamped them together until held between four way centres. Then the clamps were removed and the middle section was turned to a sweeping cove then sanded and polished. He taped them together before removing them from the lathe and numbered them from 1-4. The tape was then cut down one side and the sections were turned inside out so that now the turned area is on the inside. Now the parts are glued together and the outside turned to whatever shape you have decided on.
The top to hold the candle was then made and the whole lot fitted together.

With just a quarter of an hour left to take him round to four o’clock Brian decided to make an off centre pendant, a demonstration that took him round to four thirty and was thought to be the most relaxed session of the day and produced some very good ideas like removing two of the chuck jaws and off setting the remaining two to turn the centre. Pat Hughes recommends that you fit some wooden jaws to your chuck jaws and hollow them out to hold the pendant because these will run true and will not leave marks on your finished piece of work.

That ended the day with Brian Wooldridge

The next meeting is on Saturday 11th July and Guy Ravine will be our demonstrator for the day. He is on the RPT but there is none of his work shown in their gallery so I can’t give you any tasty morsels to tempt you with. Soooo Just turn up and be enchanted!!


SAW Annual Show October 2009

The Surrey Association of Woodturners show at Mitchett in Surrey is to be held on Sunday 25th October and once again we have been invited to join them and we feel it is a must that we are there.

We will have one lathe again and the usual display of exhibits which will undoubtedly carry off the trophy again!! Won’t they?

Everyone say “Yes Graham”

But to do this we must have some really good exhibits.
In the previous two years we have selected the winners of the turning of the month to be displayed, sometimes a couple by the same turner.
We need ten items and the new rules state that they must all be by a different turner. Ten pieces, ten names and at the rate we have been going this year that will not be easy to achieve. So can we see a few more of those special turnings that you have been keeping to yourself appear on the entry table for the next four months.

The selection must be made by the October meeting and unless you are going to be at Mitchett the chosen pieces must be left with the organisers at the October meeting for them to take on the day. Also a couple of volunteers to man the lathe during the day would be appreciated.

The SAW are desperate to win their trophy back and we say they ain’t going to get it!!



We need helpers for our charity events at Farming World

August 29th, 30th, 31st
In support of the Sittingbourne Branch for Multiple Sclerosis

September 19th, 20th
In support of SNAP Charity

If you would like to help in manning a lathe for an hour or two or help in selling items on the stalls please let Pat Hughes know which times you can do.
We will also need items for sale at these two events. Please give them to a member of the committee
Lets make it a good time for these worthwhile charities