July 2011 Newsletter

Graham was on holiday when the June meeting with Alan Hazel was held but Alan and Chris Smith sent me a few notes and Fred Taylor took a couple of pics so I have something to fill the page with. Many thanks folks.

It seems Alan Hazel did not have the best of starts to the day but he got on with it and his first project was to turn a vase with a small neck.
He roughed out the shape overall then parted the piece in to two parts.
He hollowed out the bottom and then took it off the lathe and mounted the top part. This he hollowed out to match the bottom and then glued the two parts back together again. He put the assembly aside while the glue dried and went on to start making a pen from a piece of yew.
He turned the barrel and then drilled the hole for the brass tube. When he glued the tube in he filled the ends with potato to prevent the super glue entering the tube.
This was just a demonstration piece and he didnít do any more to it.

Alanís next item was to be a sycamore bowl to hold beads used by lace makers. He used mole grips to steady a square shanked turning tool he used to hollow out the bowl.

After lunch Alan discussed making pens using several fillers and finishes. He has an American tool called a Pen Wizard costing approximately £300 which by moving various gears and knobs creates different finishes. It can also be used for making lace bobbins. The cutters will also cut aluminium.

Next it was back to the vase which was put back in the lathe and finish turned and the joint disguised with a bead and a couple of grooves.
The hole in the top was blended in to the neck.

This was followed up with an oak bowl and then another lace bobbin that was marked out with a marking out tool and turned using small tools. A final touch was to add a top to the oak bowl using the plastic top from a tube of Pringles!!

Alan Smithís last comment on his notes was that it was a good day after a not so good start.

The July meeting will be held on Saturday 9th July and Simon Hope will be our demonstrator for the day.

Simon hope has been woodturning from the age of 11 and at the age of 26, was one of the youngest to be on the register of professional turners.
11 years on, Simon has vast experience in demonstrating to woodturning clubs across the UK, including being a full presenter for the UK premier seminar at Loughborough University and tutor for Craft supplies in France.
Simon brings a wealth of turning techniques, new ideas, humour and enjoyment to every demonstration.

The above info was taken from Simonís web site.


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