July 2016 Newsletter

Denis Hayer was our demonstrator for our June meeting
(Ďere, Del Boy. Ainít that Uncle Albert ?)

Most of his work is very small and for this he has made a lot of home made tools from almost anything steel including masonry nails.
Having said that his first item of the day was an ear ring stand. The holes to take the ear rings in the top had been pre-drilled so it was just a matter of turning the top and bottom and the spindle.
I think it was ash he used for this piece and it ended up looking like this.
The base is dished to take rings etc.

Next he made a pin cushion.
A small bowl with a pad that he made using off cuts of fabric from his upholstery business. He formed a wad from one material and covered it with another that was glued in place with a quick drying glue and then wedged in to the bowl.

Item three was some light pulls that he made from various woods. Sorry, no pictures of a finished one but I took this of one in the making. Denis has ground one of his drills so that it drills a small hole for the cord up to a shoulder where it opens out to a bigger hole to take the knot.

Next he made a honey dipper. For this he used a piece of Tree of Heaven wood which he said smells a lot like dog poo when you turn it. Mmmmm yummy with honey mummy!!

On to item number five and it was a spinning top decorated using a chatter tool, home made, and then coloured using felt tip pens. Probably pound shop.

Item number six was a bud vase made from a piece of yew. He turned it between centres to the shape he wanted leaving a chucking spigot to hold on to when he drilled the hole. The drill he fitted in to a hand held pin chuck and at slow speed drilled the hole. He makes hundreds of these and this method of drilling saves a lot of time over fitting a drill chuck in the tail stock every time.

At this point he spent a bit of time taking about making home made tools before going on to his next item, a lace bobbin. An exercise in small, fine spindle turning.

And then Denis came to his final piece of the day. A micro hollow form turned using all home made tools. The method is like any vase turning but small. Started off between centres to shape the outside with a chucking spigot to reverse it on to and the then reversed and hollowed out using a tool made from a masonry nail. His parting off tool was made from a length of hack saw blade. And there you have it.

The pictures that acompany this section of the newsletter can be seen in the Gallery under Woodlands. Fred

As you all know we held a charity sales event at the Woodlands Garden Centre in aid of Marie Curie cancer care on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June. As with last November we had two tables just inside the entrance/exit door to display the pieces we had for sale and as itís summer!! we had a gazebo outside with a lathe running and Paul and Steve showing off their skills.
Well, on Saturday the weather decided to dump a massive amount of the wet stuff including hail stones and what you see here is I think an example of beyond the call of duty.

Fortunately Sunday was a lot better and Dawn and her little helpers put everything out again and we had dry weather all day and Paul was turning apples and Steve was turning Harry Potter wands to be given to the kids whose mum and dad bought something from our table.

Inside we were dry but the doors were locked in the open position, itís summer donít forget, and we were all feeling the effects of a cold wind blowing in. But the customers were still coming in, a lot of them just to have a meal at the excellent restaurant they have here called The Twig and Spoon.

Bert and Fred werenít letting any of them pass without noticing our tables and a lot of them said they would stop by on the way out which they did.

Dawn was encouraging people to buy raffle tickets and on Sunday Len Goodman was seen to come in and Chris caught him on the way out and squeezed a couple of quid out of him for raffle tickets.

This is a copy of an email Dawn sent out on Monday.

Hi All, I would like to say a very big thank to all who helped and gave freely of their time this weekend, and to all our members who donated items for sale. Without your generosity and skill the success of the Woodlands charity event would not of been possible. Everyone we met loved what they saw and were pleased to take most of it home. We also had a fair amount of interest in our club and we hope some of them will pay us a visit. We are hoping to hold another charity event at Woodlands in November, and I know the people of Ash would be delighted to give a good home to your work as well as supporting a charity. Well done all and many thanks again.
The amount raised was an astounding £1138.91

Notice board
Our next meeting is on Saturday 9th July and our demonstrator will be Paul Nesbitt. Paul was with us in September 2013 (October newsletter) where he demonstrated off set turning amongst other things. Whatís he up to now? Come along and find out.

The BBQ is set for Sunday 17th July at The Fruiterers Arms and the cost per head is £14. It is suggested we arrive at 3pm for food to be served sometime thereafter. In other words I donít know what time!!