June 2013 Newsletter

Iím back folks. First of all thank you all for the support you gave me through a very difficult time.

My first meeting and newsletter for a couple of months and It was to see Richard Findley at work.
He turned out to be quite a young man but his style was excellent.

His first project was to turn a table leg using a pattern to guide him, essential if you are making a set that have to be the same. His choice of timber was American tulip wood.
To start it was a fairly basic lesson in spindle turning but very informative, especially for the new members to the club who have little experience so far.
The finished leg had flutes along itís length and to do this he used a router. His jig was home made and very simple but effective.
An MDF face plate with indexing holes drilled around the circumference,
an L shaped fixture to hold the router,
a base board to work with on the lathe bed and a metal sleeve to fit over the router cutter that left only the required depth of cut protruding.
He tried a wooden sleeve first but the heat created burnt the work.

Project number two was a walking stick. For this he used steamed beech. Why steamed? Because that is what his supplier stocks, it doesnít have to be. Another home made piece of kit was used here.
A long tool rest made from wood with a pin at one end to fit the hole in the tool rest. The other end was clamped to the body of the tail stock.
The slight taper required to get the right shape along the length can be set by the position of the tool rest holder.
Then itís off with a roughing gouge starting at the tail stock end, taking it down until itís safe to hold your hand behind it. Follow this through to the head stock taking light cuts so that it doesnít whip in the middle, assisted by your hand at the back.
Finish it off using first of all a wide and long strip of 80 grit sanding cloth. Before going down to the next grade stop the lathe and hand sand with the grain to take out the spiral scratches.
Then carry on down to as fine as you want. Richard went down to 400.
Finish with whatever turns you on. He makes a lot for a bunch of goths so he uses ebonising spray. Today he didnít.

Project number three was a bowl with a textured wide rim using a beading tool and then spraying the textured area with ebonising spray.
The edges were then cleaned off using a skew chisel and the centre turned using a conventional bowl gouge.

Project number four. A whistle wot didnít whistle!!!

Our next meeting is on the 8th June when Carlyn Lindsay will be with us.
She was with us last in 2008 showing her skills in highly decorated work.
Has her style changed? Come along and see what she will get up to.

Now an important message.
I think I gave this message out back in February that Roger Martin wishes to stand down as Treasurer due to health problems. Would someone please come forward and take over this important position.

Finally, many thanks to Fred Taylor for taking the photos.

Notice board

We have accepted an invitation to have a stand at the Poulton Woods Nature Reserve on 1st June. Please come along and help give our support and even demonstrate your skills at woodturning!! The address is Forge Hill, Aldington, Kent TN 25 7DT. Proceeds will go to Canturbury Oast

We are also going to be at the Rare Breeds Centre at Woodchurch on the 29th and 30th June. Again your support would be appreciated and here also the proceeds go to Canturbury Oast.

And, yep, thereís more, we are having our summer BBQ again on Sunday 7th July at 3.00 pm at The Fruiterers Arms.
The price is £12.95 per person but will be less because the club funds will subsidise it.
By how much will depend on how many people decide to come along.
Hopefully we can get this down to £10 but no promises at this time. Can we have your money at the June meeting please.