June 2018 Newsletter

First I must apologise to Dawn for not getting a picture of the little hedgehog she put on the display table and to Ian for the quality of the photo of his incense burner.
Neither photo came out but Ianís I managed to clone the one from the presentation photo.
(Quality not good enough to post here. Fred)
Sorry to both of you.

Our demonstrator for the day was Steve Giles who comes from Berkshire.
He was an interesting demonstrator with a good running commentary with a few jokes thrown in.

His first item to show us was to be a bowl turned with a recess on the front face which would be filled with a coloured resin.
A photo of which also seems to have disappeared. However, you will all see it eventually because Paul volunteered to finish it once the resin infill has set hard enough to work on.
The products used were made by CFS and were Polyester Casting Resin and Metalic Jewels.
With the bowl carefully put aside to start hardening Steve went on to his next project.

This was a short demonstration in metal spinning. He used a flat piece of copper sheet trapped between a couple of wooden forms as though turning between centres and with a couple of rounded tools slowly rolled the copper over the form in the chuck which was the right size to create a tea light holder.

He then went back to wood turning and turned a sphere with decorated sides to create a tea light to take the holder he had just made.
He turned the sphere by eye although you can buy a turning jig to help you do this and sprayed it with ebonising lacquer.
He also drilled a recess to take the holder before parting it off.

To do the decoration on the side of the sphere he mounted it in a jig that would clamp it any position you want. (A donought chuck)
It is two round discs with clamping screws and a selection of insert blocks of different size to suit your project as shown here with our sphere clamped in place.
A donought chuck
A donought chuck

Good eh.

Steve then went on to make another tea light holder shaped like a flying saucer which he dressed with a purple wood stain and then softened the effect by wiping it over with liming paste. Whoops, yet again, no photo of the finished piece. Hey Ho Canít get the staff these days!!

Next came a piece that I donít think we have seen turned so far.
A bottle from a flat piece of wood that Steve had pre prepared by bringing both ends to square on the band saw. Mounted between centres he turned the ends to round with some shaping at the end that will be the neck and the centre to a sphere shape.
Yep, got a photo of that bit.

Then he mounted it on one of the spindle ends and drilled a hole about 3/4 of the way through with a forstner bit.
Then he parted it off leaving a base shorter than the neck and kept the remaining piece to form the stopper later.
Next he drilled a hole in the centre of one side to take a screw chuck on which he mounted the body and started to hollow it out and also create a recess to hold a decorative disc that would also close up the side to make it liquid proof. This done he reversed it on to the newly formed recess and turned a recess on the other side to take a similar disc. The discs he turned from a piece of brown oak burr and a stopper from the left over piece from the base and the end result was a bottle like wots Ďere in the pic.

Good eh.

The last piece of Steveís demo was to turn a bangle which when finished he tried it on Sheilaís dainty wrist and it promptly fell off. Next he tried it on Dawnís wrist and it fitted better so there it stayed. Just keep walking around with your arm up in the air Dawn.

Our next meeting is on the 9th June and we have Greg Morton back with us for the day. I will be away on holiday in Wales so maybe a more efficient photographer will take charge.

One reminder for you is the BBQ to be held 1st July this year by us at Milstead village hall. Itís the annual BBQ but also a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the club. The tickets are £10 per person and I have a feeling, with all the effort that Dawn is putting in to it, it is going to be a really worth while event.

Also enclosed with the paper version of the newsletter you will find a form that we need you to fill in in order for us to comply with the latest data protection act. Enjoy your day with Greg and I will see you all when I am looking at you.