March/April 2004 Newsletter

Hi everyone.
Here goes for another two months worth and there is quite a lot for us to do. Also I have had an idea that I hope will bring a bit of new life to the newsletter. But more about that later.

Let's get the programme for the next two months out first.

This months meeting is on Saturday 13th March and Colwyn Wey will be with us for the day. He works for Axminster Power Tools and is well known for his work around Devon and Cornwall.
We also have an evening meeting on Tuesday 30th March when S.L. Hardwoods will be talking to us about using hardwoods for turning. Some samples of wood will also be for sale

On the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of April we have taken a pitch at the Wyvale Garden Centre and we would like members to bring along a piece of work that they would like to donate for sale. All proceeds will be given to Demelza House. If you can't be there on that weekend but have something that you would like to donate, please bring it to the March meeting and someone will make sure it gets there. An indication of its value will help. A couple of small lathes will be steaming away to keep the crowds coming in our direction so if anyone would like to lend a skilful hand please come along.

Our April meeting is on Saturday 10th and in the morning Norman Smithers will be demonstrating colouring turned wood. In the afternoon Howard Overton has something up his sleeve to stun us with but so far he won't let on what it is!!! Come to the meeting to find out.

On the evening of April 27th we have a talk by Robert Sorby on the making of turning tools. There will also be a selection of tools for sale.

Dates and times for the next two months are also shown on the back page.

Bill tells me that some of you are a bit confused about what to do with the 3" block of wood we all bought. The idea is to make whatever comes to mind, but you are not to use any other woods to embellish your piece. Then we will all bring our "masterpieces" to the May meeting and compare all our efforts. You can cut the block into smaller pieces if you like to make up something using a number of components. The money we raised in selling the blocks will be given to Demelza House. I hope that clears up any misunderstandings. And now to my idea to spice up the newsletter. You will notice I have added a centre fold. Yep. Page three!!!

Since we have been in Milstead Hall (and when we were at Poolewood come to that) some of you have been bringing in some pieces of work and left them on a table just inside the door for members to have a look at. This has caused a lot of interest amongst us so I thought it would be a good idea if I took a photo of the display and of the person or people who brought the items in. This, along with a brief description (of no more than 50 words please) of how the piece was made and what finish was used could then go in the following months newsletter. Also I hope to publish a photo and a description of our demonstrator and what he did on the day. What do you think?
Who wants to be the first PAGE THREE MODEL?

Let me know at the next meeting. Or you can write to me at home or even email at the club address.