May 2018 Newsletter

April 14th was a club day due to Yandles Spring show being cancelled because of underwater car parks.

Keith Leonard was making scarf pins and designing tulip flowers on his lathe.
After many suggestions and how tos from the attentive audience,
he produced an excellent stylized reproduction of a tulip.
Much fun experienced.

Geoff Horsfield was making light pulls/blind pulls.
Most people recognised them but some did not.

Paul Hunt was as usual turning large lumps of wood on the club lathe to an attentive audience.

Dawn Royall was busy making the bases for pin cushions.

The table top competition had 5 entries (probably due to short notice)
Won by Keith Leonard With a Welsh Dolly.
Howard Overton with an involuted candle stick Highly commended.
Chris Withall and Nick Adamek Commended.
Pictures in the gallery

Saturday 12th we welcome Steve Giles to the club. Having spoken to him at Yandles last year we should be in for a fun day.