May 2022 Newsletter

The April meeting saw a return to the standard Club Day (as opposed to a Demo day with one club member at a time on the big lathe), with members invited to bring along their lathes, tools and problems. Looks like no-one has any problems though as only Paul and Keith did any turning!

There were two additional lathes available but not seemed inclined to jump on and have a go. Please remember the club day is what you make it!

Paul started off on the big lathe with a large old, cracked piece of Yew. Quickly rounding it down into the start of a Greek Urn style vase. Unfortunately, there was one particular crack that went right through the piece and Paul didn’t want to risk it parting ways into the audience so decided to finish that piece at home.

Keith took the opportunity to move onto the bigger lathe at that point, to get a better control on the out of shape piece that he started on the little lathe, turning a small bowl. In the meantime Paul returned to his small lathe to have a go at turning Hazel flowers (in the Stuart King style) for the first time, with some good success.

This month May the demonstrator will be Gary Rance. Please come along for what should be a good day.