May/June 2004 Newsletter

I think we will be talking for quite a while about the demonstration given by Colwyn Wey at our March meeting. Colwyn served his apprenticeship as a woodturner and it showed. He made everything look so easy, although he did admit that he chose woods that would look good when finished. He made a pear using Zebrano, an apple using Anjan and two vases using Bocote (Mexican rosewood) and Masir Burch. The finish he got just from his tools was brilliant, but by the time he went through various grades of sanding sheet, ending up with 2000 grit wet and dry, sanding sealer, being a fifty fifty mix of cellulose sealer and thinners, and then polish, the finish was amazing. He used Tripomax on a stitched mop followed with carnuba wax applied with a floppy mop. The mops were held on a tapered arbour. His final piece was to just face off a piece of Imbuya, sand it down and finished it with Organoil. (An organic oil imported from Australia) It is sold by Axminster Power Tools.

For our April meeting Norman gave us an insight into colouring turned wood using Liberon water based stains. Wetting the wood first is important, then drying it, sanding it again and then applying the colour. When dry, apply sanding sealer. Work can be further enhanced using gilt creams that can be bought from most good art shops and then finished with a wax polish. In the afternoon Howard Overton showed some of his work using slices of wood glued together and using a router mounted over the lathe to machine the flat to glue the next layer on. The positioning being obtained by using the indexing ring on the lathe. The effect of the finished turning is fascinating. There are a few photos in the gallery.

We have another celebrity in our midst. Mick Musgrave entered a piece into the competition held at Alexander Palace and won first prize. Well done Mick I will see if I can get a photo for the next newsletter. Our first lady member has joined us. Welcome to Charlotte Reutschi (say Ritchie) and we also have our first husband and wife team to join the club. Welcome to Ron and Pat Saddler.

We had a very successful weekend at the Wyvale garden centre, thanks to a lot of effort put in by some of our members and a lot of stuff donated to be sold. Ron Cook, Peter Fuller, Bill Burden. Bill Bassant, Norman Smithers and Bernard Slingsby all pulled out the stops to get things set up and gave continuous demonstrations making things to add to the already full table of goodies for sale. Bruv and Howard Overton were also doing a turn to earn money for the kids. All proceeds were donated to Demelza House and the final total given was a staggering 803 pounds.

We have another venue set up for the 19th & 20th of June. Bill has booked a site at Badgers Hill garden Centre at Chilham. Near to Chilham castle. This time you keep yer money (Well all except for 10% that Bill will grab before you get any!!)

The trip to Yandles was a great success again this year and everyone enjoyed the day We had a few visitors from other clubs join us for the day and they were suitably impressed with the arrangements, thanks to Bill's hard work in organising it. Finally, the Christmas Dinner is planned to be held on Friday December 17th at the Dover Castle at Teynham again. Bill will be asking for names and deposits very shortly. We have booked two rooms this year so it won't be such a tight squeeze at the tables. We will all get together in one of the rooms after dinner for fun and games of some sort. I think a quiz might be on the cards so get the Trivial Pursuit books out and start studying!!

That's all for this month.