November 2007 Newsletter

Dave Reeks was our demonstrator this month.
Dave started the morning explaining the use of the skew explaining that he always cuts with the point.

His next piece was a spalted beech bowl which he roughed turned ready for boiling, to be finished later. It usually takes 2 hours, to boil.

He then put up a bowl that had already been boiled (monkey puzzle) to finish turning so that all that was required was for his wife to finish the sanding.

After lunch he proceeded to show us the cutting out of a smaller bowl from a larger bowl. Placing the blank between the chuck and the tailstock (pressure held) He then turned a spigot. Holding the piece by the spigot he then turned another spigot and shaped the outside of the bowl. Then using the bowl cutter he proceeded to cut out the smaller bowl. He then rough turned the two bowls ready for boiling.

His last item was a hollow form.
Placing the blank in the lathe Pressure only he turned the spigot. Shaped the outside and hollowed the inside.

There is a photograph, in the gallery, of the items collected for our table at the Surrey Wood Turners on 28th October.

Our table won 1st prize.
Pat Hughes was highly commended for his Arabian Coffee Pot.

Well done all.

Saturday November 10th is club members demonstration day.

Peter Branchett
(Edited by Fred Traylor)

The following is the text of a letter received from SAW.

Dear Committee and Members of Orchard Woodturners,

On behalf of the committee of the Surrey Association of Woodturners I would like to thank you for helping to make our Open Day so successful.

When we checked how many people had attended the show this year we were delighted to find that we had topped the 500 mark for the first time. Thank you for making the effort to attend, for setting up an impressive stand and even more impressive table top competition entry and for being there to talk to our visitors.

I know from our own efforts in going out to other clubs and venues, it takes a lot of organisation and the good will of a dedicated core of members to organise these sort of events. I hope you all enjoyed your day and felt that it was worth while.

Congratulations to Orchard for winning the table-top competition. I hope that you will come again next year and give us all a chance to win it back - although the standard of pieces you put on display certainly gave us all pause for thought!

Congratulations too go to Pat Hughes for his entry to the invitational open competition, which was awarded a Highly Commended certificate, which is enclosed

As soon as we set the date for next year (assuming the committee agrees to have another Open Day!) I will let you know. I do hope that you feel that you can come again.

Best wishes and thanks again,
Jennie Starbuck Vice President (- on behalf of the SAW committee)