November 2009 Newsletter

Before I do anything  I must correct a statement I made last month.
The celestial bowl donated by Nick Arnull was raffled at Farming World at the September show and we were supporting the SNAAP charity at this event and not the MS society. I apologise for this error. The raffle was drawn by Rebecca, picture in the gallery for "Farming world 2009 September", with a helping hand from her mum, Caroline Austin, visitors to our stand on the day.

I was not at the September meeting but Alan Smith gave me a few notes about the day and Pat Hughes provided me with a few photos. Many thanks to you both.

  Joey Richardson is renowned for her decorated pieces and sells them mostly in America where this kind of art is extremely popular. She mostly uses sycamore for her bowls, platters and vases that are turned very thin to enable her to carry out the decorative piercing.

Joey transfers her design images from drawings that have been photocopied or printed on a laser printer. The drawings are carefully placed on the work face down and then transferred using cellulose thinners, acetone or a xylene pen. I think I am right in saying that the image can also be transferred by rubbing the back of the transfer with a soft pencil or a stylus, much the same as methods used in pyrography.

Next comes the piercing for which a variety of tools are used from high speed dentists type equipment to Dremel machines with a flexible drive attached. Burrs and fine cutters and even home made cutters made from obo nails are all incorporated in creating different size piercing and surface markings.

  Joey created a sampler on a small board which she passed round for everyone to look at.

On the more intricate work where carving is also required she uses an NSK model Z500 carving tool having a speed range 1,000 — 50,000 r.p.m. This can be either hand or foot operated.The cutters are all universal.

Finally she discussed methods of colouring the work. All kinds of paint and colour pencils can be used. I think airbrushing was possibly her favourite method using a very fine paint gun and tiny amounts of paint.
Joey used IWATA hiline eclipse model airbrush with a compressor providing 25
The colours were “Golden” transparent airbrush colours. She also demonstrated the use of interference colours. These hide the burn marks often found when the burr used to perforate the work gets too hot. More information on these products can be got from Graphics Direct Joey said we should ask for Chris and mention her name when we contact them.

For more info Joey’s email address is and her website is

Mychett Show “5th October 2009
We have done it for the third year in a row.
  We entered the maximum of ten pieces on our table and as well as winning the trophy for best overall entry we had five rosettes awarded as well.

Congratulations to the following who provided us with the entries.

Frank Hayward with his pod that won a rosette for second best in competition.
Ian Alston with his pomander that won a rosette for third best in competition
Norman Smithers for his chair. That won a highly commended rosette.
Howard Overton with his clock that won a highly commended rosette.
Mike Turner with his platter that won a highly commended rosette
Bill Burden with his apple clock box
Pat Hughes and his large vase.
Dave Matson with a thin walled bowl.
Keith  Leonard with his spinning wheel.
Pete Fuller with his gavel and anvil.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 14th November and it is a club day with members only doing what they do best. Talking, drinking coffee and giving good advice when it is asked for??
In the morning Norman Smithers will talk about and demonstrate making chairs as well as an Edwardian cake stand plus some other items. 
The afternoon will be a free for all so anyone can use the large or small lathe to do something.  Do not be shy, I bet you are hiding something useful that we would all benefit from.

For those of you who are coming to the Christmas dinner on the 28th November don’t forget to bring  something to enter for the Orchard Memorial Trophy. Just to remind  you. The entries are judged by the ladies and can be chosen because they are just nice to look at  and not necessarily technically correct (the turnings that is, not the ladies!!).

See you all on the 14th.


Notice Board
How about treating yourself to a Christmas pressie
I have finally got round to getting the up to date prices for club shirts and have included an order form with this newsletter.
Also Brian Love has some club lapel badges and trouser belts with the club logo on the buckle for sale.