November 2012 Newsletter

October was a club day due to a demonstrator unable to attend.

Norman Smithers was making bananas, these started out cut to shape and 4 sided, Norman's tools were a workmate, vice and a rounded spokeshave. When finished the banana had 5 sides and looked like the real thing.

Dawn Royal made small bowls 1/12th scale for dolls houses, the wood was a bit wet and green, this was put aside to dry and some mahogany was used which turned out a lot better. Keep persevering Dawn you will get there.

Keith Leonard made small pins for brooches for scarf's, the wood used was Bubinga (a species from the mahogany family) the brooches had been cut out previously. p.m. Keith was turning spindles for the Kick Spindle.

Paul Hunt was continuing with his large urn from last club day. The wood was from a Monkey Puzzle tree. The urn was being turned on the clubs big lathe. Keep at it Paul.

Pat Hughes left items on a table. These items were for measuring thickness in awkward places and are quite easy to make from off-cuts of plywood and dowels. Well done Pat.

All in all there was a good turnout for the day.
Thanks to Alan and Chris for the notes and Fred for the pictures

A reminder of the next meeting date, 13th October with Dave Reeks.


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