November 2013 Newsletter

Came the October meeting and at the last minute Matthew found that our demonstrator for the day could not come to us because he had hurt his back but had not thought to let us know. (Matthew always contacts the demonstrator a few days before the meeting to be sure they are still on for the day). Try as he did Matthew couldnít get a replacement at such short notice so we ended up having a ďclub dayĒ.

As usual on these days we had the big lathe out which always keeps Paul happy and a couple of smaller lathes, even one worked off a pistol drill brought in by Dawn.

Paul spent the day hacking in to a large lump of laburnum while Geoff Horsfield was busy making holders for T light candles.

Keith Leonard turned out a few lace makers bobbins and Bernard was turning a barley twist to create another candlestick. Keith also spent a bit of time with Dawn helping her to get to grips with her little lathe. The rest of us just moved around watching what was going on and generally enjoying the opportunity to chat over a cuppa.

We had the monthly competition as usual but unusually we had a lot of entries to show. Seventeen pieces were on display, why cant we have this sort of show when we have a professional demonstrator? The club members did the judging and a jolly fine job they did too!!! Just check out the picture in the gallery!!

We also had an extra prize for the raffle when Geoff Horsfield donated a large bag of apples. And as if that was not enough Matthew brought some flowers that had suffered in the rain and wind and although still beautiful blooms were too damaged for his usual market buyers.
He offered them to the club for us to buy and put something in to the charity fund which we decided that on this occasion would be the Sittingbourne branch of the MS society.

The next meeting.
This will be on Saturday 9th November and it will not be Dave Reeks.
Tony Handford will be with us for the day . I donít know what Tony will be doing but it is usually something big and artistic. If you want to see before hand what his work is like he has got a studio and gallery in Faversham. I confess I havenít been there but I imagine itís a place worth visiting.His website address is on the links page.

Itís bound to be a good day so come along and lets have a lot to show on the competition table. Give Tony a hard time choosing a winner.

Just a bit of room left to mention SAW. We werenít going to be there until Pat Hughes stepped in and organised it for us. Thanks to him we showed up and we came second out of five clubs competing and Howard won the rosette for the best piece on show


Notice Board
Annual Club Dinner This date for this has been arranged for 22nd February 2014 and will be held again at the Fruiterers Arms. Please arrive at 7.00pm for 7.30pm start. We think the costs will be similar to last year at approximately £22 per person.