November 2018 Newsletter

Emma Cook aka The Tiny Turner was our demonstrator for October and a good day we had with her.
Her work is decorative involving both turning and carving and her first piece of the day was a decorative bauble with LED lights inside with turned top and bottom finials.
At the end of the session she sold several of the glass components with lights for a fiver.

Using a 9” x 2” square piece of sycamore she roughed turned it to a cylinder and then after that she said she only uses a 1/4” spindle gouge or a 1/4” bowl gouge. The first piece was to be the bottom finial easiest described with the photo.

Yep, see what I mean, much easier.

When she had achieved the shape she wanted she parted it off leaving a concave base to follow the curve of the glass bowl of the bauble. Emma then finished it off by removing the remaining pip with a hand carving chisel.
Then it was back to the blank to turn the end that it would hang from.
She drilled a 4mm hole through the block first through which the lights could be fed and into the glass bowl.
One end would also be dished to fit the curve of the bauble. Drill carefully so that it doesn’t wander off centre. Then turn the desired shape for the top . Here comes another photo and one of the two pieces when finished.

This is how it should look when you have made your own.

To stick the two turnings to the glass bowl Emma uses either Evostick Serious Glue or Bostik All Purpose Glue which she described as being rather like snot. Her words, not mine!! You can also use a silicone glue.

Her last item of the day was a cup cake box which she made from a piece of lime wood, particularly good when it comes to carving.
She first turned the box and hollowed it out leaving a neat recess to take the lid. Then having parted it off she turned the lid, domed to resemble the top of a cup cake. Then, fitting a portable vice to the lathe bed Emma carved a series of flutes around it, like wot cup cakes ‘ave. and a decoration on the top as well.

Another product Emma uses, she is a Yorkshire girl so thought she should at least try it and says it works well, is Yorkshire Grit. It looks like a polish but it is course and can be used after say a 240 grit sand paper to give a finish like that achieved going through the grits to about an 800 grit.

A good day with a very informative demonstrator and one I’m sure we will try to get back some time soon.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 10th November and Tony Handford is with us for the day. They don’t get much more opposite in style or stature than that.
Tony was with us at our September meeting when he turned a very difficult piece so what will he come up with next? Something big for sure.
See you all on the 10th

We took first place at the SAW interclub competition.

Not only that, Howard Overton won the rosette for the best Individual entry on show and Frank Hayward came second . Also Chris Withall and Ian Alston both won highly commended rosettes.
We beat both SAW who came second and Forest of Bere who came third after winning for the last three years.

Dawn did the honours and accepted the trophy. Many thanks to her for all her hard work organising it and us!!
Also many thanks to everyone who contributed to the day.