October 2004 Newsletter

Well. Ian did it again. I think everyone enjoyed his demonstration of making carousels immensely and we were all impressed with the finished examples he brought in to show us. The photograph in the gallery shows them grouped together and for those of you who were not able to join us last month. Ian showed us how to make the smallest one. He had done some of the preliminary work before coming to the meeting like turning his blanks to the round and drilling the holes around the circumference as required to allow him to get the finer points over to us in the time he had I took several photos and these are in the gallery with some explanation attached describing what Is being done. My apologies to any of you who think I wasn't paying enough attention and have missed points out or have got bits wrong (Cock ups by the secretary are part of the job description). I am not alone though. Peter Blake caused a lot of amusement when he was given the job of gluing the large ring to the base. The photo tells its own story.

The afternoon was spent having a session on tool grinding which some of our members found useful, especially those that had brought their own tools in. The sparks were flying for a while. Several people brought machines in and discussions were going on about the merits of the different types.

The next meeting is on October 9th and Dave Reeks will be with us and he will be turning bowls as only Dave can, so it's another meeting not to be missed.
Just to remind the new members the admission at the door will be 5 for members and 7 for guests. The meeting starts at l0am and ends at around 4pm.

We had some pieces brought in for us all to have look at. I don't know how I managed it but I grouped the mannequins together and then failed to get a picture of them. (Another cockup!! One more and I get the sack) Some of them are in the picture with other things but not all of them so can we have them all again next month please.

A couple of other things to pass on to you. The stand at Badgers Hill is to be dropped due to lack of support but if anyone wants to have their own display under the banner of the club they can borrow the banner but must return it after the event. This way you can be covered by the club insurance. Please talk to one of the committee members if you want to use this facility.

There is to be a craft fair at Teynham church sometime in October but unfortunately I haven't got the date. Bill may have it or your local paper will possibly have it or if you want to have a stand I would suggest you get in touch with the church warden direct.

I think that's all I have for you at present so enjoy the photos in the gallery and I look forward to seeing you all next month.