October 2011 Newsletter

Garry Rance was our demonstrator for September and we all had an interesting day with something for everyone, keeping all his items simple and easy to follow.

He started his day with a basic lesson in spindle turning for the less experienced among us by turning a sample chair leg with beads and coves and an ogee shoulder and for most of it he used a skew chisel, explaining in detail each step he took.

Next he made an interesting salt shaker bell. It comprises of three components. A bell shaped base hollowed out to accept a cone shaped insert (and the salt). The cone has a three mm hole drilled through to allow the salt through. The third part is the handle which is a screw fit in to the top of the bell so that it can be removed to refill it with salt.

Item three was to be an ash wall mount for a clock with beads and coves on the face and to the edge. The clock he used had a steel box insert which fits tightly into the recess and then the mechanism fits into that. I didnít make a note of where he buys them but itís not Meantime Design.
(Note from Fred:- Meantime Design has ceased trading)

This was followed by a small yew pot with a lid having an integral finial.

Next came a round picture frame. Making this was similar to the clock mount and Garry followed this with an acorn shaped light pull made using two contrasting woods for the shell and the nut.

He then turned an egg using only a skew chisel followed by a yew base for a pepper grinder. The base was not designed to contain the pepper so it would have to be suspended over a container.

Garryís final piece for the day was to turn an apple on a small screw chuck, turning the top half first and then reversing it and turning the bottom. He held it on a steel pin to spray lacquer it before fitting a clove in the top and turning a stalk to fit the bottom.

All straight forward stuff but a good lesson in turning for all.

Next monthís meeting is on October 8th and Dave Reeks is with us for the day. We all know Dave and I donít have to tell you anything about his work. Itís always interesting whatever he decides to show us.
Will he stun us with something new? Come along and find out. Itís only eight quid and all the tea and coffee you can drink. Bring your own biccies!!

Sorry this newsletter is late coming to you but I have only just got back from holiday. Back to normal now and I will see you all on Saturday.


Notice board

Changes to November and December meetings.

Jenny Starbuck has a problem with attending our December meeting so we have agreed for her to change it and come and see us in November instead.

Our December meeting will now be an open club day.