October 2012 Newsletter

Stuart king was our demonstrator for the October meeting and, yes, his style has changed since his last visit to us. This time he was showing us novelty pieces to make and novel ways to decorate them as in his first project.
This was to be a small bowl, decorated by cutting a series of small grooves around the outside and wire brushing them out to raise the hard grain and then finished with a verdigris.

Aha. No. Not an expensive paste but a mixture of copper powder and shellac. Yep, and thatís not all. Once this is applied you then brush on some tomato grow, £1 from the pound shop and bingo, in a few minutes the copper turns green and you have your verdigris finish. Bet you didnít know that trick, and itís cheap!!

He makes a lot of his own tools as well. ďWhy spend a fortune when a few bob and a bit of ingenuity will give you what you wantĒ

Stuartís second project was to be a small ring box form turned from a piece of Lebanon cedar. He calls it a ring box and then he doesnít have to hollow it too deep!! Once hollowed he seals the inside with super glue, (four tubes for a pound from guess where) and sprays the outside with ebonising lacquer.
Next comes a bit of finger painting with interference paint, obtainable from art shops or even Hobby Craft. The lid was made to his bird design and calls for a bit of delicate off centre turning and some defining marking with pens etc.

He also made a couple of other lids from different materials so your wife can ring the changes (no pun intended) as befits her mood.

I had to leave before the end of the day so I have no record or pics for the last hour but I think it was along the same lines that happened earlier.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 13th October and Dave Reeks was to have been with us for the day but unfortunately he will be unable to join us so the day will be an open club day.

Anything could happen so come along and see what that might be, maybe take over one of the lathes and show off a few little gems of your own. With a bit of luck and a following wind I will be there so I will see you all then.


Ps. Axminster are having their annual bash on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October and we have been given a stand on the Saturday morning to hold a demonstration and advertise our club.

Lathe, wood and tools will be supplied so all we need is someone to spend a couple of hours in the limelight showing what lovely people we are and that some of us can actually turn a decent bowl or candlestick or whatever we are exceptional at.

Please come along to the next meeting and have a word with Bert or Paul or anyone really to volunteer your services.

Notice board

Many thanks to all who supported us at Farming World.
We raised £391.10 for the Macmillan Cancer Support.

The fish and chip lunch was also a success. The food was good and the skittles was the usual noisy bit of fun and we raised £110 for the Sittingbourne branch of the MS Society.
Paul won the trophy for the highest score and Keith Pitt won the booby prize for taking care not to damage the skittles!!

Chris and Alan Smith donated a couple of bottles as prizes and Paul gave the bottle of bubbly to Roger Martinís wife Pat as the winning lady of the day and the bottle of red went to his wife Billie as the ladies runner up.