October 2013 Newsletter

I wasnít at the September meeting but thanks to Chris and Alan Smith who took some notes and to Fred Taylor for the photographs I am able to produce a newsletter.

The demonstrator was Paul Nesbitt assisted by his 10 year old grandson who also does a bit of turning but today he was Paulís gofer.

Pauls first project was a table lamp using European oak and was made in three parts to make boring the hole for the cable easier. The two parts for the upright were turned with appropriate spigots to join them and to fit them to the base. This was turned and had a hole drilled in the side for the cable to pass through and one for the spigot on the upright to fit into. An electrical kit costing £8 was used to complete the project.

Project number two was a tear drop bowl in maple.
The hole positions were marked out using a protractor and holes bored out around the edge. The blank was then set up on the lathe and the outside turned, sanded and sanding sealer applied. It was then reversed in the chuck and the inside turned, sanded and sanding sealer applied.

Project number three was an exercise in off centre turning using a piece of walnut to produce a mannequin. Effort number one ended up in the firewood box but number two had all the right curves and Paul added a hat for the finishing touch.

The final project was a three sided bowl using a rather nice piece of American black walnut. Three off centres were marked out and the blank mounted on each in turn to turn the three sides. It was then mounted centrally and the outside was shaped and a foot turned for the bowl to stand on and also to hold in the chuck while turning the inside. It was then reversed and the inside shaped, sanded and finished with a sanding sealer.

Paul Nesbitt had two hand outs describing the tear drop bowl and the table lamp. If any one wants a copy Fred Taylor has them for emailing in either pdf format or word. Either let me know or contact Fred direct.

And a slapped wrist for Graham.

I should have advertised in last monthís newsletter that we have had one request for a club shirt. If anyone else wants one or a fleece jacket or turning smock etc. please let Paul Hunt know. It saves on carriage charges if we send in one order rather than several one offs.

Our next meeting is on the 12th October and we will have Stephen Cooper spending the day with us. His work is varied and he is well known internationally. We are probably paying a small fortune for the day so come along and give us yer munny to help pay him off!! I will be there for this one.