September 2004 Newsletter

Last months meeting had Brian Partridge showing us how a figure of a manikin can be turned using off centre turning. It aroused quite a bit of interest and I know some of you have had a go at it yourselves. Bring them all in and we can have a group photo for the October newsletter. He followed that with an off centre bowl accentuated with eccentric rings. His wood was glued to waste wood emphasising that it must be dead flat so that the beads he turned on the face of the bowl were of an even height round the edge of the dished section. On the reverse of the waste he had marked three centres. His first cut was on centre and just ran three grooves round. His second cut was from the outer offset as above and finally the dish was cut on the third offset. Sanding was done cautiously so as not to spoil the beads he had formed He used Melamine to finish the piece. He spent the rest of his time with us talking about English woods and some of their characteristics.

For our next meeting, to be held on September 11th we were going to have Dave Reeks demonstrating bowl turning but unfortunately he is unable to join us for the day. Instead Ian Alston will step in for the morning and entertain us with another of his skilful talents. Ian's demos are always fascinating so try not to miss it. Due to other commitments Ian can only spend the morning with us so in the afternoon Bill has arranged for a few people to bring in their grinding machines and we will have a session on tool sharpening among these, Bill will bring his wet grinder in and if anyone is contemplating buying one of these now is your chance to try it out before spending your pennies. I wasn't there at Badgers Hill last weekend but Bill tells me that although the weather was lousy we still had a few people come and visit us.

We had quite a few of you bring some work in that you felt proud of and the resulting photographs are in the gallery

In one of them Wally green has got a wonderful smile on his face. does anyone know why? (Bernard does!!) Answer is at the end of the letter.

The next meeting starts at ten o'clock so will see you all then.


OK What is Wally smiling about? It's a wind up!!!

In his right hand is a goblet that he made himself, but the bird case in his left hand? He owned up and said he bought it on holiday and brought it in saying he knocked it out in a couple of hours just to wind up a few people. Who's a naughty boy then???

A tip from Jim Brown. He bought some strips of sanding material, (4" wide), from the club box and found that by grinding the teeth off an old 2" tank cutter and sharpening the edge to use as a punch he can get two discs side by side with practically no waste. He uses the discs on his Sorby rotary sander. Thanks Jim for that one.