September 2006 Newsletter

Bill Care was our demonstrator for August and he started his programme off with a little about himself and the type of tools he uses. Would you believe that his favourite is the skew chisel?! He uses it for almost everything. Even roughing down from the square on timber up to about 3” square. He demonstrated this with his first exercise of the day which was to turn the square to a cylinder using the long point of a 1/2” skew. It gives a rough finish but is quick and is finished with a fine planning cut. He then cut a couple of beads and coves just to show it can all be done with a skew.

His second piece was to turn a cabriolet leg (Gallery picture no 17) using an oval skew with a rounded cutting edge. He cut the shoulder and turned the cylindrical part and then formed the decorative beads at either end before off-setting both ends to get the finished shape. .

He followed this with making a bottle stopper (Gallery picture no 16) from a piece of yew, marking it into three sections and shaping one end to take the cork, the centre a decorative body and the other end shaped to get a good grip to extract it from the bottle. This, I should add was made using spindle gouges as well.

I wasn’t able to stay for the afternoon session but thanks again to Peter Branchett I have some photographs to put in and an idea of what was happening.

Bill turned a natural edge vase (Gallery picture no 18) from a log using a spindle gouge with ground back wings to shape both inside and outside.

He also turned a square edged bowl. These pictures (Gallery pictures no 22 and 23) show the base turned and then the log reversed in the chuck and hollowed out, again, leaving a natural edge.

Finally Bill made a box shaped like a bud vase. Three pictures of this (Gallery pictures no 19,20,21) but I don’t know what wood he used. In picture 19 the overall shape is turned (and then the top was parted off). 20 shows the base being hollowed and 21 is the finished box that would have been put back together and finely finished before parting off.

Right. What’s happening next month. .
The date for the next meeting is the 9th September and for starters your secretary and writer of this rubbish will be there all day!!
We will have John Johnson demonstrating for us and you must all be nice to him. It’s his wedding anniversary. His wife will also be there to flog us some goodies. She will “set up shop” to sell Record and Crown tools and Chestnut finishes. In the meantime John will be dazzling us with his skills in turning an inverted vase with a bow on top followed by a stained edge bowl and as if that’s not enough he will be making a barometer. So lets have lots of bums on seats to cheer him on.

It will be one week away from Pat Hughes birthday jump (steady now) so if anyone hasn’t subscribed to his sponsorship, proceeds to Demelza House, there is still time. I hope no one in wishing him well on the day doesn’t forget themselves and wish him “break a leg”!!!

The venue for the Christmas dinner has been booked and I have produced details of their menu and of the pub for you and a copy is enclosed with this newsletter. Some people have already booked their place but for those who haven’t please contact Bert Lanham on 01622 726532 or Paul Hunt on 01622 859256. Can we have a deposit of £5 please with your booking. As you can see, it is an extensive menu with as many return visits to the food bars as you like. MMmmmm yummy!!! The price is £22 and we have added another £1 to cover gratuities hence £23 per person. Drinks are not included but the waiting staff will take your order at the table if you don’t want to go to the bar yourself but you must pay for them when they are served to you. In other words, you cannot run up a tab.

Don’t forget that we are having the fish ‘n’ chip lunch on the 16th September. The hall will be open from 11 am and I believe that fun and games are on the cards in the form of a skittles competition. This should be fun and it’s something that the wives can Join in (and probably show us up). If you haven’t put your name down so far and want to come along please contact Bert Lanham or let us know at the next meeting.

That’s all for now folks. I hope to see you all there on the 9th.


For Sale
Axminster M330 lathe complete
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For Sale
A friend of Stan Ludlow has asked him to try and sell a lathe for them.
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