September 2008 Newsletter

As you probably all know by now Peter Branchett passed away on Tuesday 5th August and Bill Burden asked for a one minute silence before the meeting got under way.
Peter had been our treasurer for about five years and was always the first face that we all met when we turned up for the meeting. He will be greatly missed and a hard act to follow but we must have someone to fill this very important gap.

If anyone is prepared to take this role on please let one of the committee know either by phone or email or verbally at the next meeting. My email address is now I know that some of you have not noted this change in your directory.

The morning was perhaps a bit slow getting started but once it did we all had a good day. Six of us had a go at the speed turning competition to turn a porridge spurtle with speeds ranging from 6 min. 11 secs. to the full 12 mins allowed ( Iím not saying who that was but he is writing this as we speak!!) Peter Fuller had two attempts. First he made one in 11 mins. 16 secs. and his next time was 6 mins. 11 secs. Paul Huntís time was 9 mins. 13 secs. Bernard Slingsby turned in 9 mins. 31 secs. and Fred Taylor did it in 11 mins. 40 secs. Yours truly took 12 mins and Norman Smithers made the winning entry in 7 mins. 54 secs. Not quite the quickest but the best shape achieved in the time. Mine looked like a dibber!!

We asked Tony Handford to judge the entries for this monthís turning as we didnít have a demonstrator and he did it with style. Thanks Tony.

Most of us came back for the afternoon and Norman, Fred Taylor and Paul Hunt were all making shavings while the rest of us stood around talking and generally enjoying the atmosphere.
Comments like ďitís nice to be able to chat to friends for more than the few minutes you have before having to sit down to see a demonstrator and keep quiet for the rest of the dayĒ were made. Who else feels this? It is comments like this that would help us on the committee to plan ahead and give you all what you want from a club day. Let us know what your feelings are.

A few photos of the day are in the gallery.

Enclosed with this newsletter you will find the plans for next year. As you will see, we have three months without demonstrators and there wonít be a meeting in April. Instead, a coach trip to Yandles will be organised.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 13th September when we have Tom Pockley with us for the day. He is a professional turner who lives in Tenterden and has a wide variety of projects to show.

Now then. Pay attention. This is the last newsletter you will get until the one due in December because your secretary come editor, publisher and sticker on of the stamps will be away on his jollies.

So, whatís happening in the future.

On the 11th October you will have Dave Reeks showing you how he does it. On the 8th November we are doing our own thing again so just come along and tell us about your recent experiences in the shed. I will be back for the meeting but not in time to get a newsletter out.


Back Page Notices

Another reminder that the Surrey Woodturners show is on Sunday 26th October and we need some really special pieces to enter on the competition table.

We had some beautiful articles last year and we won the trophy for the best table of entries. The Surrey Woodturners are keen to win it back but we donít want them to. DO WE.

If you are going to enter a piece in this yearís competition can we have it at the latest by the meeting on October 11th please.

We have again booked space for us at the Tudor Rose Carvery for our Christmas bash. It will be held on Saturday 29th November and the cost will be £24.50 per head including gratuities. Please let Bert know if you are coming and the number of people in your party.