September 2009 Newsletter

Our August meeting was a members day (no professional) and Ernie Frith spent the morning showing us a jig he has spent months making to produce decorative router work on turned items. He made it mostly from materials he had laying around the workshop and only spending about £100 on parts he could not make himself. He admitted with a big smile that it is a bit Heath Robinson!! Because he has only got a very small workshop the whole thing has to be easily dismantled for storage and he had not quite perfected all the components but he had enough done for him to show us a couple of decorations on a ball using a Dremel with a fine rasp fitted. There is a large indexing plate at the end which also serves as one of the pulleys in the system when turning spirals, done by mounting a router on to an Axminster compound vice which in turn is mounted on to a trolley that is moved by turning a lead screw fixed to it. The lead screw is made from an Axminster “York” front vice screw. Some of us picked up on ideas we could use in our own workshops.

Thanks for an interesting morning Ernie.

In the afternoon we had our speed turning competition.
Pat Hughes brought in a few bud vases he had made at various times and one was chosen as the model to be reproduced in a maximum time of fifteen minutes.
Pat had prepared some blanks to be mounted in the chuck and the time would start when the lathe was switched on.
We had two lathes set up and eight of us had a crack at winning the prize of all prizes.
A plastic daffodil to go in the vase to beat all vases!!!
That was a good day.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 12th September and our demonstrator will be Nick Arnull.
Nick is known for his demonstrations around the world and his work is mainly decorative turning. He has a gallery on the internet and this is just one of his pieces.Many more are displayed there and for those who have a computer just type his name in the google box and his website will come up.
Better still, come along to the meeting and see it all for real.

He has said that he will make a “celestial bowl” in the morning and show us some colouring and decorating techniques in the afternoon.

I have been in touch with Lovell Workwear and below are their current prices for club shirts etc. Club shirt and sweatshirt price includes logo and name.

Polo Shirts: £15.00
Sweat Shirts: £16.00 Sizes: XS - XXL

Natural: £25.00
Biscuit: £27.50
Green: £27.50
Taupe: £33.00
Navy: £30.00
Grey: £26.50
Sizes: 38" - 58" (not 52" or 56")
Orchard Woodturners logo: £5.00 (Personal name included if required)

I suggest that you include your chest measurement as well because in the past they do seem to have been a bit generous in their sizes.


Notice board

Saturday 26th September.
Anyone wishing to come please bring your money to the next meeting, or send me (Paul Hunt) a cheque made out to Orchard Woodturners with your order by the next meeting.

The prices are as follows:- (I’m offering more choice this year. (All the below includes chips)

Chicken £5.00
Haddock £6.50
Cod £6.00
Rock (Gurnet) £6.00
Sausage £3.00
Sausage in batter £3.00

Thanks. Paul.

Bert Lanham has now got a new email address as follows

Christmas Dinner
We are doing quite well but can we have a few more names for the Christmas dinner please. We will have the menu by the time the next newsletter goes out or maybe by the afternoon of the next meeting.