September 2010 Newsletter

August meeting and Howard Overton kept us glued to our seats for the morning.

His first piece of work to tell us about and show us how to put it together lost me in the first few sentences!! Hmmm,
What does that say about your secretary?
Hopefully a couple of pics will help and Howard wanted to point out that it was copied from a photo of a pair of candlesticks made by Dennis Keeling. For Howard the fun is in the ďhow did he do thatĒ as much as making it. Precision in cutting your components is critical or nothing will come out right.
The picture of Dennisís on the left and on the right the pair that Howard made.

Copy that
Copy that
Howard did, twice
Howard did, twice
Howard built up blocks and spaces before turning and hollowing
Howard built up blocks
and spaces before
turning and hollowing

You can see from this where Howard is building up the blocks and spacers that they must be precisely cut. They are mounted on a tube that is withdrawn after turning. Because it takes a long time to set this up Howard stopped when he had shown us the principle and went on to show a simpler design to create a goblet.

Howard prepared the start at home and went straight in to showing us how to build up the block using veneer and blocks of mahogany.
After gluing first a piece of veneer and then a block to, in this case all four sides, although you can have several facets, the router jig is set up on the lathe and the corners are carefully taken off until you have returned it to a square block again only bigger. Itís important to keep going until both seams of veneer are showing.
The cut on the left of the block is not quite far enough and on the right is just right. Another fraction of a mm. would be too much.
The pictures are in the gallery

Once you have routed all the faces you build up more layers until you have reached the planned size.
Now you start to turn and see what a fantastic job you have done, gluing all these bits together to make a better goblet than anyone else in your street has got!!

Howard had completed the goblet in the afternoon and the room was set up for the speed turning competition. I had to cry off and go home but I left my camera with Fred who got a couple of pics for us. The object was to turn a Christmas tree as near to the sample as possible in ten minutes and the result is shown in the gallery.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 11th September and John Johnson will be with us for the day.
I have had a look at his website and his work is varied and covers all the things we would find interesting and would want to go home and try for ourselves. Even burr bowls!!! But nicely finished though.

Thatís about it from me. No more steam left.
See you all on the 11th and at the fish and chip lunch on the 25th.
My Wifeís birthday. Never let it be said that I donít know how to treat a lady.


Notice board

Mitchett 2010

The SAW show at Mitchett will be held on Sunday 31st October.

Once again we need the very best turning you have ever done to put on the display table so that we come away again with the trophy for the best display on show.

Notice from Paul.

Hi Graham,
If you havenít already printed the newsletter, can you add a note that Monies for the Fish & Chips need to be paid at the September meeting..

Prices as follows..
(All inc Chips & Roll)
Cod £6.00
Gurnet(Rock) £6.00
Chicken £5.50
Sausage £3.50

Saturday September 25th 11:30, Food at 12:00